You Don’t Understand Anything

Is what my dad said to me twice, before I stormed out of his house.

So around 9:00pm tonight, I looked at my phone and saw five phone calls from Home and four new voice messages. The only reason why I even got up, was because they called Amber’s phone. Apparently, they couldn’t get their Shaw remote control to turn the television off, or control the volume. So instead of trying to troubleshoot their issues remotely, I went over to their place to try to fix the issue. After spending about 30 minutes, I got the remote control to turn the television off, but the volume still didn’t work. I asked my mom to get the old television remote control and that pretty much solved the situation.

While I waited around on the sofa for Amber to finish up in the washroom, my mom asked me what I thought of the pro-Hong Kong protests. I know for a fact that at least my mom thinks that the pro-Hong Kong protests are wrong and that the USA are the ones riling up the masses to riot. I wasn’t precisely sure what my dad thought, but most likely it’s along the same lines. I basically answered with the following statement, paraphrased.

Normally, I stay out of shit like this because I don’t care about it enough to take a side. However, I can say that I am more sympathetic towards the pro-Hong Kong crowd.

Then my mom told me that the reason Hong Kong is protesting, is because there are strings being pulled in the background from interested parties, like the USA. She said the USA is funding and help riling up the citizens to riot against China.

Whoever is pulling the strings in the background is irrelevant. Whoever is funding the riots is irrelevant. They are only relevant if you don’t care about the real problem. They are only relevant if your focus is that another country’s government is trying to benefit from it. Guess what? Every country in the world has pulled the strings of another country for centuries, for their own benefit. That in itself is not a problem and it certainly is not the real problem for Hong Kong. Regardless, what do you think the real problem is?

She told me that people are rioting because they don’t want China to be able to extradite people from Hong Kong, known to do major crimes. Then also said, there isn’t wrong with this because every country has this system anyway.

Right, every country has a city-level, provincial/state-level and federal-level law enforcement agency. However, we’re talking about China’s history with dissenters. Pretty much anyone that speaks ill of the Chinese government is considered a major criminal. So anyone, let that be a blogger, a newspaper journalist, a book author, a lecturer who speak against the Chinese government, would be considered ripe for extradition. This is literally censorship just for speaking out. 

It was here, my dad decided to chime in. He firstly mentioned that the British government in Hong Kong did the same thing, where they arrested people who dissented against their rule. He also said this exactly, “You don’t understand anything.” He then proceeded to tell me that most rioters in Hong Kong are the ages of 15 to 30. They want a full democracy where the officials of Hong Kong are elected by the citizens and not elected by the central government. He reminded me that prior to China taking Hong Kong back, the government of Hong Kong was appointed by the British government. Hong Kong citizens had no say in how officials were elected. So if his generation of Hong Kong people had no issues with this, why does the new generation have an issue with China doing the exact same thing?

I’m confused why you brought this up. I do understand what you’re saying and fully agree with it. I didn’t even bring this part up at all, because to me, personally, it’s irrelevant to the problem. It might be relevant for many of the pro-Hong Kong supporters, but you two asked me what I think. So this is the stance and statement I provided. It sounds like you didn’t actually listen to anything I said. I just spent the last 5-10 minutes explaining the problem and you decided to hear what you want to hear. You didn’t actually listen to anything I said.

My dad then with a semi-sarcastic expression said, “What were you trying to say then?”

You want me to explain it all over again? I just wasted a few minutes trying to tell you as clear as I could and you decided that I was talking about what you want to hear. All I said, was that most pro-Hong Kong people want…

He interrupted me again, saying, “You still don’t understand anything. You still don’t understand Hong Kong’s history.”

I told you, I understand it. I even accept and agree with it! It is you who isn’t listening. It is you who…

He decided here to also say, “If you don’t like it, then leave!” This is his way of silencing others he doesn’t want to argue with, because he thinks he’s right and the other person is an idiot. This has been a consistent attitude of his since I was a child living in his household. He does that to everyone who argues with him. I see it as a sign of major weakness and pettiness. It is such an infuriating thing because when he can’t win an argument, he silences his opponents, but in his mind, he has won and those arguing with him are all stupid. Doesn’t that remind us of some people we know in the USA at the moment? 😉

It was here, I blew up at him. He told me if I didn’t like it, then I can leave. I told him that it was them who asked me the question. I tried answering it. So if they don’t like what I have to say, perhaps they should be the ones leaving? On my way out, due to frustration and anger, as I opened the door, I also slammed it against the wall. My mom tried to calm me down, but it was too late. When has topics like this ever ended well anyway? Fortunately, as rigid as my dad is, he thinks President Trump is a moron and all of his supporters are blind ignorant idiots. Note that my dad is a conservative and votes conservative most of the time. He thinks President Trump and his ilk aren’t conservatives at all. So it really sucks that we definitely agree with each other, but he chooses to completely talk over me because I don’t understand anything.

As Amber drove us home, I called my mom and told her I don’t want to see dad for the next few weeks. She hung up on me. Fucking rude as fuck. She should have apologized to me and accepted my terms.

So to make things clear. I am sympathetic towards the pro-Hong Kong group of people, but at the same time, I think many of these people are ignorant when it comes to the historical setting of what Hong Kong was really like during British rule. Like my dad said, most people who are rioting today, are 15 to 30. When Hong Kong was still a British colony, the 30 year old’s today were 8 years old. How would they know what Hong Kong was like back then? They were children who didn’t have a care of what the government was doing back then. The older generation of Hong Kong people whom are rioting are rioting for the right reasons. They don’t want the Chinese government to extradite dissenters and people who speak up against corruption in the government. However, everyone shouldn’t bundle all sorts of things together and make it their core ideal, because some of those things are just plain wrong.

If only my dad actually listened to me, instead of jumping to all sorts of conclusions. Unfortunately, this is a prevalent problem with the masses. The ones who comment endlessly on Youtube videos with all sorts of bigoted stereotypes, are the ones who don’t care what others say, even with facts. They only care about their own brand of what they perceive the facts to be. Now, I am not saying what my dad said was wrong. What he said was right. It’s his inability to actually listen to what others have to say, that makes him wrong.

Now, I want to address something he said earlier, “So if his generation of Hong Kong people had no issues with this, why does the new generation have an issue with China doing the exact same thing?”

The logic behind this is simple. Just because his generation didn’t stand up against tyranny, it doesn’t mean the next generation shouldn’t as well. It’s a different sort of tyranny. While it’s true the British did a lot to help move things along in Asia in terms of technology, social and economical advancement, they also did a lot of horrible things to its people over the ages. What does the mainland Chinese government is doing now, is not nearly as terrible as what the British has done over the centuries, but that doesn’t mean what they’re doing now is acceptable either. The censorship, cruel detainment, torture and endless incarceration of dissenters is unjustifiable. Hong Kong people against the Chinese tyrants are right to stand up to them. Just because my father and his generation stood around doing nothing, doesn’t mean people today should do the same.

Like I said, I was for the most part detached from this, but after this unwarranted stupidity that happened between my father and I, I am forced to speak my mind about this.

In case my pro-China readers attack me and say China is not all bad, I never said China is all bad. I am specifically addressing the detainment of anti-China protestors and my feelings on pro-Hong Kong supporters. There are many wonderful things about China, but this is neither the time nor place for that topic.

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