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Agata’s Naughty Pierced Tongue

Despite how Agata feels about herself, I find her quite delicious. It’s too bad she’s not actively pursuing a stint in softcore porn, as she previously had asked me advice on, knowing I have dabbled in the industry, as well as Amber whom is pursuing this as well.

Agata and I met online at Interpals some years prior to us speaking regularly on Whatsapp from April 2019 onward. Other than commenting on each others’ photos occasionally and acknowledging each other on the forums infrequently, we didn’t really speak with each other until I went to Germany in April 2019. She wanted to come meet me, but found out our distance was quite a lot farther than 200 kilometres. She lives in western Poland and my destination in Germany was in northern Germany near the Danish border. To this day, I still think it’s crazy how she would drive 200 kilometres to meet me, or anyone.

Anyhow, we spoke on Whatsapp as a combination of voice messages and text on a nearly daily basis for about seven months starting in April 2019. About four months into that, I confessed that I had a major crush on her. She initially thought I wanted to leave Amber and have a romantic relationship with her, but I clarified I wanted her to be my fuck buddy. I also assured her that I am definitely not leaving Amber. Agata was initially hesitant in outright rejecting me, as she feared that her rejection would mean the end of our friendship. However, I assured her only emotionally immature people would be unable to be friends with people whom have rejected them. So she sighed a huge sigh of relief when our friendship stayed intact.

The reason our conversations stopped after seven months of daily chit chat, was because her mother passed away in December that same year. By the end of 2020, we spoke with each other in spurts about once every two to three months, as she tried figuring herself out. She spent so long caring about her mom, while being in a constant state of anxiety. So while it was certainly a shame we no longer spoke with each other, like we used to, I also recognize that Agata isn’t the sort of friend that just disappears because we have a distance in communication. I find this is an issue with a lot of other people. However, Agata is very similar to me when it comes to how we relate ourselves with other people. We’re friends forever until there is a strong reason why we’re not.

Now, despite her rejection, Agata has no issues with me expressing sexual desires for her. As of this posting, she is the only friend that allows me to send her explicit sexual messages without judgment and condemnation. In fact, I had sent her an extremely explicit lewd letter to her along with the high heels I sent her. It was two pages of extreme lust and pornographic desire for her. She told me later she had read it and didn’t mind it at all. Too bad that was the only reaction I got from her. Of course, that’s because she firstly isn’t interested in me sexually and secondly, because if she even hints at it, she might spur on unwanted extra attention in that regard. In short, she doesn’t mind that I sexually vent to her, on the notion I am just venting and expect nothing in return. Mind you, I did eventually just stopped all together. I realized that just expressing myself isn’t doing much for me. While at times, I want to send her sexually explicit messages on Whatsapp while Amber is sucking me off, I hold myself back because it wont’ do me much good, if all Agata does is read them in silence. [sigh] Note that I used to send Pascale surface-level sexual feelings towards her, but after she reacted negatively to Amber’s sexually charged voice message on Whatsapp to her, I stopped sending her stuff like that completely.

Like I said, of course Agata doesn’t reciprocate since I am not her target of attraction, nor affection in that regard. She has the major hots for a tall viking-like fellow in Poland. He’s quite handsome too, and of course, I am envious that he’s gotten pictures of Agata topless and a partial handjob from her too. [long sigh again] It’s too bad, because I would have loved to have Agata as my ‘colourful friend’. Regardless, I mailed Agata a pair of shiny black stripper heels back in mid 2020, on the request that she send me at least one photo of her wearing them. It took her over a year to get back to me. Out of the blue, as I had lost all hope of ever getting a sexy pic of her in those heels, she sent me a photo of her tattooed foot wearing one of the heels. It wasn’t what I wanted specifically, but it was good enough. I wanted a picture of her entire body, while wearing them. Any time I have a strong desire to fantasize about fucking Agata, I would load up one face pic of her, then a second pic of her tatted foot with the high heel to jerk off to, while porn videos are loaded up on my second monitor. Agata read a previous version of this blog entry and told me she had a grin on her face the entire time. Ah, what an awesome sex positive, dynamically emotionally mature, non-judgmental friend! I absolutely adore her.

Sometimes, while fucking my wife, Amber would bring up the fantasy of a make-out session and threesome with Agata. That’s so fucking hot. Amber has big tits. Agata has big tits. They’re both tattooed. They’re both hot. Oh my fucking goth, the idea of my cock sandwiched between their lips and their pussies totally churns my butter.

It’s too bad I don’t have more friends like her. I used to, but it seems like either my remaining female friends have become prudes, or my new ones are just not interested in me. [long sigh] What a disappointing era to have friends.

The original post was titled “Agata’s Sexy High Heels” published February 23rd, 2021.

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  1. Agata sounds like a cool cat. By the way your blog seems lighter. Did you remove some blog posts?

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