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I should try to fall back asleep at 9am, to get another 2 hours in before my work at a client’s at 11am. Got my barely 3 hours earlier though. If you get the chance, take a look at the McLaren F1 picture in my McLaren F1 VS Koenigsegg CCX entry and then read the comment I made about the door hydraulics. What do you think? Weird eh?

Anyway, another porn thread popped up, but this time, I attacked the problem and not the surface material as most people would usually. The question asker 26-29 Ms. Anon said:

im a very open minded but i just wonder if any one can suggest how i can tell my bf that his porn internet surfing makes me feel insecure. I look at porn and we watch it together but when i find out he’s been looking i worry he will realise there is better than me out there. Help?

And my reply was:

You have to tell him directly. No point in beating around the bush! [laughs] [ahem] Erm, lost my train of thought… Give me a sec…

Yes, you just have to tell him what you’re telling us here in detail. Don’t skip out on anything. If indeed you are an open-minded person, then PLEASE do not EVER forget this one thing: OPEN COMMUNICATION.

Plus back on that topic about having him realize there is someone better than you out there… I’m wondering on what basis would he be basing this on? Physical looks? Come on. If your boyfriend chose to be with you for the SOLE purpose of your looks, wouldn’t that just simply tell you he isn’t as good of a guy then you would like him to be?

With that aside, physical attire is but ONE aspect of any form of relationship. Don’t forget there is mental, emotional, and spiritual connection. Experience and history, and all the tidbits here and there that make up the complete picture.

On that note, please know that there is ALWAYS a possibility there is someone better, even for you. There is 6.5 billion people on this planet. I’m sure you’re going to meet less than 5000 of them over your entire life time. If you should fear whether he realizes if there is someone better than you or not, then you shouldn’t fear porn, cuz porn is more often than not, all a visual representation of lust and raw sexual power. What you should fear instead, is the world – the entirety of it.

In short, it’s not porn that you should be worried about. It’s you.

Gross isn’t it? You see, the problem isn’t porn, though I’m sure that anti-martini/anti-porn freak trolling around DC will say otherwise. The problem is her insecurities in feeling that her partner will realize someone better.

Now I might not have posted an answer in this thread if it was simply about porn. However, it was about her fear of losing him to someone else due to watching porn. Firstly, she was basing her partner leaving her on the basis of him feeling that there are prettier girls out there. My fucking gosh! You know stuff like that really irritates me. It’s like all there is to her idea of an intimate relationship is based SOLELY on superficial assets. What the hell?!?!

Are they so paper thin in mentality, that they must rely on looks alone to achieve mental stability? Imagine the world running on that? The metaphor is having a pile of rocks held up by wet construction paper. Understand?

On another thread, a 16-17 Ms. Anon posted up this:

how long should forplay last for?

Her question cracked me up and I replied with:

First of all, there is no set standard. MY GOSH! You think this is weight training with reps and sets?!?! [wink]

Foreplay lasts as long as two people make it last until they’re ready to churn the butter keg and go to ‘heaven’. Obviously, if you’re asking this, you’re not quite ready mentally and emotionally to even try to engage in sexual activities with your partner. Sex in my books at the least, should be a natural phenomena and not some text book driven guide.


[sigh] Why? Why must?!?


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14 years ago

Seriously, it’s gross isn’t it? I just read a thread about some guy being absolutely in love with a girl who looks beautiful, but has absolutely nothing to say to her. I mean, what the hell? What does he love about her? What is the connection? If he’s basing his love on her looks, then heck, he might as well be in love with every single hot porn star, swimsuit, and tuner model in the world!

Fong Pei
Fong Pei
14 years ago

foreplay should only last between 212 and 278 seconds….any more or any less is not allowed! … unless you have a coupon

14 years ago

HAHAHAHA! I should forward yuur comment to the question asker there. 8]

14 years ago

There is a text book for foreplay!?

Morons. Obviously a 15 year old who has no clue what the fuck he/she is doing.

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