Self Reflection

Alas, the scary thought…

…is that the switch had been turned on to reveal this unstable aspect of my psyche. Damn it. Damn it to hell!

She was a reflection of me, except she poured her heart out to me and I just listened, unknowing that she is a reflection of me. The difference being that she wore her heart on her sleeve and I imprisoned mine deep inside. When she left, I felt nothing. However, what was left behind was an opened gateway to my heart. Now, my perception is way off, my ultra sensitivity boosted by the broken anchor and I am taking things out of context.

I cannot tell what is real and what is fake pertaining to me anymore.

I once had Albert to reconfirm my thoughts and feelings. These days, I managed so well up until this point. No one else can reconfirm my thoughts and feelings, as I once did for his and vice versa.

I don’t want to think these negative thoughts because I have an excellent imagination. Yet, the part of my logic that dictates possibilities and probabilities has been boosted a zillion times over. Damn it to hell!

With this said, I may have very well been reading everything wrong from the beginning. I want to say, “I don’t know what to do”, but all I have to do is think about it harder and I will find solutions.

My time has passed. Back in the day, it was constantly proven to me. These days, my worth is personal.

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