Self Reflection

Booby For Leeman


Spongey dropped over around 10pm last night for a little chit chat and got me a booby from Taiwan. A BOOBY! Seriously!

Excluding Haruhi Suzumiya and Yuki Nagato, she also got me a postcard that I can cut out to build a paper gate shaped like Jingfu Gate in Taipei and a lighthouse key chain. I really like the booby. It’s a stress ‘ball’. It’s fun. ^_^

Prior to that, she got me a plastic sign from Taiwan with three Chinese characters that reads “Lady Market”. It’s on my door facing outwards. If you ever happen to visit my room, you might also find various key chains hanging on my walls. Make note of them and play with them. ^_~

As a token of being welcomed into my humble abode, she gave me a great dose of her usual ‘special’ aroma…


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