Self Reflection

Lacy Panties


[“Like That” by (can someone tell me the musician?)]

(Ref: to my last entry)

But sometimes, I can’t help but do it anyway. [laughs maniacally] It just goes to show that some old and bad habits are really damn hard to brush aside. 8]

However, I should still be more careful. Even when I didn’t intentionally do it (most of the time, hard to believe? well, believe me anyway), sometimes unfortunately, I still do manage to hurt those that I did not want to. [sigh]

What prompted for this massively late night/early morning entry? Well, someone sent me a photo of herself through email and I dinged her for something I saw in that one picture. Sometimes… No, actually, most of the time, I really amaze myself. That is, in terms of reading people. Must be my mom’s serpent-like intuition and my dad’s super sharp perception. The problem with my mom and dad is that they are both way too passive.




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