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Being a frequent visitor to a certain gaming forum, I happened on this topic just now:

Okay, I can just predict how this is going to go…BUT…

While I have met some really fun and great people playing WoW for the past few months, there is an absolute epidemic of discourteous behavior on there. For instance, the other day some blood elf decided to randomly spit on me as I was taking a boat ride. I told a girl I dated a few times that I started playing WoW and she said she quit after some jerk off walked up to her and typed “Sir Douchebag rapes you”…an by the way, she’s a rape victim. So…not funny! Some other bonehead ambushed me on my way to to Scarlet Monastery, right after I’d drunk a fortune in potions, killed me because I’d buffed someone set for pvp and so my pvp was on and didn’t notice, and he corpse camped me for about a half hour. Me and the group I was with got him banned, so I hope he had fun.

My theory is that you take your average know it all teenager with a chip on his shoulder, give him a gigantic elephant, armor that glows and the ability to rain down meteor strikes at will, you’re going to wind up with a junior Napoleon 9 times out of ten.

So guys and gals….just chill out would you? Grow up a little and learn some basic courtesy. I thought the idea here was chivalry and nobility and courage, not you getting back at the world because the girls at school won’t go to the prom with you.

Like I said, I can just hear some of you seething out there, and just wait with baited breath for the innumerable juvenile witticisms like “You suck!” and “Shut up! You’re probably a druid anyway!”

But just….grow up would ya?

My response to it was:

IYou probably are already aware of the things I am about to bring up, but I am going to reiterate my thoughts after being born, being aware, and being in a living, breathing, ever-changing environment and of course, you can ask your girlfriend and anyone else to read this.

If you, by yourself are born and never leave the comfort and security of your own home, you will never have to face a variety of experiences outside. In fact, you will only be faced with the limitations of your home environment. You can grow up functional in that sort of setting regardless.

Of course, on the other hand, you can just as well be born and be exposed to the world outside. Once you’re exposed to that world, you are then faced an infinite ‘amount’ of opportunities and experiences.

Here’s a rhetorical question for you: Have you ever been through elementary school?

The answer to that rhetorical question is probably: Yes, you have.

Now my comment about that is very simple: From kindergarten to roughly grade six and/or seven, you have probably witnessed various degrees of personalities, laughter, bullying, fun, pain, scolding from parents and/or teachers, sports day, losing, winning, being called a name, calling a name, etc, etc, etc.


Elementary school is such a small place at a time when our minds and emotions are at their most-raw state.

I brought this up because like elementary school and beyond that, so long as we expose ourselves to a living, breathing, ever-changing environment outside the comfort of our own homes, we will continuously be faced with every facet of life through the perspective of the world.

Do not think that World of Warcraft is “just a game”. A game is “just a game” when it is played by yourself and/or if there are mutual partners who is sharing that game with you to have a good time. Do not forget this: World of Warcraft IS a virtual community of REAL people. The game aspect of this virtual community is the application – that’s all.

Yes, of course, I’m agreeing with you that people should show the most basic courtesy when addressing others. I would do the same in public – either I greet a passerby a “good morning” (jo sun), or wave and nod at someone cutting their lawn while I cycle by, or I would completely ignore everyone and just do my own thing. However, you won’t see me blatantly stir up crap just to get attention or to ‘fit in’ with my peers.

With that said and out of the way. Of course, like the examples I gave at the beginning of my comments about staying at home for the rest of your life or being exposed to the world, what I am saying here is that you can either A) segregate yourself from different experiences that bring you varying opportunities, or B) continue to live through those experiences and learn to live in them as you do out of virtual reality.

In my time through World of Warcraft, I’ve been exposed to TONS of immature, inconsiderate, trolling, ganking bastards and bitches. “TONS” is severely understated. With that, I’ve canceled by subscription a few times and went back to it a month or two later, or I would move servers to start ‘anew’.

As you can see, I still play it. Why? Because the game itself is enjoyable. Certain situations and environments may not be to my liking, but that is the exact same thing as sharing the space of other living people – out at a store, a mall, a street, a park, at school, at work, at the theatre, etc, etc, etc. What do you do when you don’t like it? Move away (log off and come back later), tell them to be more considerate – doesn’t work? Go to another place to level, etc.

A few days ago, a player said the same thing that you said happened to your girlfriend. S/he /emoted “Player has raped you.” What did I do? I blinked twice, took a sip of my tea, answered a phone call, texted my friend about the weekend hotpot thingy, then scrolled the chat box up and right clicked the player’s name and clicked “Ignore”.

Of course, the world is full of assholes, some of them covered with crap, but I have had the chance to party up with some really great people through WoW. I even had the chance to meet two players out of virtual reality, at a local pub and talked about other things besides WoW.

I share your grief but I wouldn’t be so narrow minded to stop playing WoW altogether. That is no different than say I would stop living life altogether.

If you have gone far enough through life, then you know about perception and tact. So next time you’re faced with crap from those immature pieces of bastardly/bitching shites, some perception and tact would go a long way in helping you deal with people like that.


Added 05/18: The not-so-funny thing was that this person actually thought my comments were attacking him. He called me “pretentious” and “superior”. As far as pretentious goes, I believe I’m the last person in the existence of Life that would be ‘pretentious’. As for Superiority complex goes, I may be a narcissist in terms of laughing with and at my own writing/typing content, but I would hardly call that a superiority complex towards others. Also, not giving a shit about others is different from feeling superior over others. -7:01am

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