Self Reflection

It’s Translated Incorrectly


Tune: “What Bout My Star?” by Yoko Kanno, Sung by May’n (Sheryl Nome)

I’ve been taking sleeping pills recently finally. After years and years and years of insomnia and ‘messed’ up sleep patterns, the doctor prescribed Ran Zopiclone for me to be taken in half-pill dosages. So far, it works oddly. I don’t actually feel sleepy when I take them, but when I lay in bed, I could fall asleep in roughly 15 to 20 minutes which is a lot better than the usual 40 minutes to an hour. I usually get up before the 45 minute mark.

As I was contemplating exactly what time I’m going to bed, I was thinking that some people must find me quite unbearable and possibly even over-intrusive. I’m not sure how I can be over-intrusive unless they invited me to express myself or if they come and ask me for emotional support. Of course, I have a strong expressive opinion. This is apparent in my blog entries as well as in some forum groups and in-person conversations. So this must make quite a judgmental person.

For judgment to exist, an opinion must exist. For judgment to not exist, an opinion would also not exist. Is the “judgment” you’re thinking about a point of a finger dictating whether you are right or wrong? If that is the case, what does opinion lack? Verbose? Action?

Anyway, being someone so judgmental/opinionated must be somewhat hard to relate to since most people either shut up and do something else, or are too passive to raise a pinky.

On that note, I just have to say to Josh Hayes of Crossville Chronicle coinciding his article on neutrality of religious entities in public places (HERE): Are you stupid?

He said “While the idea of creation via the Flying Spaghetti Monster may seem ridiculous, modern Darwinist dogma is even more ridiculous in saying the universe came into existence out of nothing. To put it in mathematical terms, nobody multiplied by nothing equals everything.”

[coughs politely in a sarcastic way followed by some loud throat clearing]

Darwinism isn’t one science. Darwinism is an aspect of working theories backed with science. Science is not one entity. According to a definition from Wikipedia, “In its more usual restricted sense, science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based on scientific method, as well as to the organized body of knowledge gained through such research.”

Unlike creationalism which is one entity and based from one entity, science actually tries to disprove itself as well as prove working methods and working theories. Creationalism doesn’t try to prove or disprove anything. All creationalism does is say “God says it is this way, therefore it is this way, and because God says this is what it is, therefore this is what it is.”

The above self-made quote reminded me of this show by creationalists who said that God exists because the banana is shaped so a human hand can hold it with ease. If that was the case, the watermelon must be the devil’s creation then. Can any Christian or Catholic pick up a watermelon with one hand without piercing it? No, I didn’t think so.

I also hate to specifically make fun of creationalist Christians, but the Earth was NOT made about 6000 years ago. Of course, I can’t personally be sure, but I am more sure than ‘knowing’ whether an invisible being exists absolutely or not. You see, science can disprove itself in some aspects. Can your religion disprove aspects of your beliefs? No, I didn’t think so.

Anyway, so I’m very strongly opinionated this way. I am not afraid of expressing my irritation towards illogical religion and I am not afraid of pointing my fingers towards the people who lack vital knowledge on what science is versus what creationalists brand science as.

Don’t forget that without science, you will have no medication. No medication means most of humanity would have died centuries ago due to plague that ran wild through Europe and Asia in ancient-ish times. If you seriously want to undermine science, then I DARE YOU the following:

– NEVER use a car ever again. That includes buses, ferries, planes, and anything related to modern technology and engineering
– NEVER use a computer ever again.
– NEVER wear clothes made by computerized machines again.
– NEVER use scientifically proven medication ever again.
– NEVER live in a house built by computers, drafted by computers, and engineered by architects and construction workers.
– NEVER eat anything unless it was grown from your own garden or your friend’s garden – most farms nowadays create plantation through computer-monitored greenhouses


Science and engineering is what will save us and of course, science and engineering may as well destroy us as well, but I believe that the only force greater than humanity’s own hands is that of the seismic activities of the planet and the forces of the universe working in tandem. Whatever really powers all of that, no one knows for sure at the moment, but science will be the one to reveal that eventually.

You can’t disprove science or aspects of science by simply saying “God says it is this way, therefore, it is this way”. That’s simply absurdity. We all know that a cup holds water and we all know that the sun emits radiation. We also know that at zero degrees celsius, water freezes and for those who apply it in their work and studies, we know that E=mc². On the other hand, the bible states that God equals all-loving and promotes peace, but we have famine, disease, murder, rape, and other atrocities on Earth. The bible states that you must believe in Christ lest you end up in hell (in short) – so which part of those ideals promote that god is all-loving and promotes peace? Especially when The Old Testament contradicts The New Testament, and there are many interpretations of the same things from the New Testament – especially on sexual intercourse, masturbation, and intimate conduct, etc.

If science says pushing a ball down a slope will over time increase the speed of the ball going down due to the gravity of the planet, then we know this is true through experimentation. If a religion says a ball will go roll down a hill faster as it goes because god says it is, then we know this is true through experimentation. HOWEVER, there lies the contradiction. You need no experimentation if you truly believe the word of your god. If your god says it is this way, then it is this way. If you experiment, it means you didn’t really believe in your god in the first place.

Ah, Christian and Catholic religion really stir up shit in me. It urks me that they still exist and still growing. It goes to show how troubled the world is and how much sweet talking goes on in the political horizon.

Leeman = expressive, opinionated, super sexual. What less do you want? Definitely less. Considering the man that defends others, but expresses himself rarely is the way to go in today’s common society.

Remember, if I had existed during the Mao movement after World War 2 in China, I would have been arrested and sent to a prison. If I had existed during the days when Catholicism and Protestant superpowers in Europe had control, I would have been tortured and burned at the stake.

On the contrary to some of your beliefs, I am not a radical, nor am I an extremist per se. I am only the opposing individual to your own broad alignments. I am only radical because your mind is diluted. I am only an extremist, because you believe that your position is the right one.

Thus, we have no unity and that equates to war.