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Lack Of Updates


Hi everyone…

The lack of updates and new emails/replies is because I am having tension with my blog site and host. Damn cache memory is set at 8 megs and the company that hosts the site isn’t willing to change it to 16 megs. So either I have to figure out an alternative or move to another server.

On top of that, the forum is good, but since I updated the version, there are CSS formatting issues. I’m on it of course. In the very near future, new forum posts will show up on the side menu.


[almost 4 hours later]


I didn’t get the forum full page without the side menu working, so I just added it back in. The formatting looks fine now. I just wanted the forum to have its own entirety, cuz narrow spaces just make me sick. SICK! BTW, the forum accepts BBCode. If you want to add images using the [img][/img] tags, please note that the forum text area is set at about 250 pixels wide. Thus images should be no wider than 220 pixels wide. At least think of them as thumbnails to the bigger picture.

Anyway, I’m sleepy and moody right now. I’m going to wait until tomorrow to reply to emails. If some of you are wondering why Li hasn’t sent out any Merry Xmas wishes ‘officially’, it’s because I would like to tell you that aside from having a really great excuse for friends and family to gather, to me personally, Xmas doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s like every other day. I work ON Xmas eve, Xmas day, boxing day, news years eve, NY day, my birthday, valentines if I am not with someone, and so on and so forth. Does it make me a scrooge? Not at all. If there is an event, I will attend as long as it doesn’t conflict with my duties.

Right, so the forum works. Only problem is the avatar option. It seems to only work with Gravitar, but rest assure, as soon as the developers for the forum implement the non-Grav avatar option for their next version, I’ll immediately integrated that here. Until then, make do with what I have.

BTW, if Laura happens to read this, I’ll send you the pictures from yesterday when I wake up tomorrow morning. Tell Julia that I look forward to our next rendezvous, and hopefully, it may be in the Summer of any year of course.

[sigh] The things I do for my blog…


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14 years ago

I think you’re doing a phenomenal job keeping us all posted on the events of Leemanism. I’m such a lazy (_|_), with updates maybe once a month? :p

14 years ago

Well what I ended up doing was download ALL of the images from the host which came out to be a good 50 megs total, then convert them to a lower quality, and uploaded them back onto the server. It shaved off a more than 50% off the original size of the pictures. So that was good. Each pic is now between 12kb’s and 45kb’s, as opposed to being 30kb’s to 150kb’s.

BTW, I read your friend’s post on your thread about homosexuality – the Steve guy. I just have to say one thing: HOLY CRAP! Oops, I don’t mean his comment is crap. I meant that his comment was so hard to ‘put together’. Haha, I even half-joked on his grammar and paragraphing. Seriously, I was reading his comment and I constantly had an image of a puppy trying to bark and make a statement, while holding a spatula in his mouth. 8]

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