Self Reflection

Leeman can be an ass sometimes, but…


…it’s not unwarranted.

Yes, yes, I know. Sometimes I do make caustic remarks that may upset those with very sensitive hearts but sometimes, I seriously just don’t want to hold back.

Earlier, someone asked for Mount speeds at a forum I frequent. Mount speeds for a multiplayer game I play. If I was truly helpful, I would have been nice and just told him/her straight out without any sarcasm. Alas, I find that I can’t help but be sarcastic towards those that lack common sense.

His/her thread opener went like this:

I’m having trouble finding a reference to how fast the different mounts are. Regular vs fast… then compared to epic and flying.

Does anyone have a link to such a resource?

Thanks in advance.

I knew that s/he was sincerely disabled as a new player, but my response had nothing to do with whether s/he was new or not. It had to do mainly with that s/he lacked the common sense to find that information on his/her own, as it IS a common inquiry that can be found on the game’s web site. So I replied with:

“FREE Levelling & Useful WoW Resources (March/22th)” ring a bell?

You see, I took the time to create a list broken up into categories for all new and continuing game players for this particular MMO, so the forum wouldn’t be as cluttered with crap inquiries.

His/her response was:

Let me think…

I’m not an obsessive player…
I don’t have every detail about WOW memorized…
I’m not a regular reader of the Thottbot forums…

So, no. Doesn’t sound familiar to me.

But thanks for the point in the right direction, and also for the unnecessary sarcasm on an already tedious Monday workday.

You should probably go finish your homework, now.

At this moment, I was quite… What’s that word… Phrase… Let’s just say I was grinning quite venomously at that point. My response to his/her comment:


You don’t need to be a hardcore obsessive player to see the THICK YELLOW sticky post at the top of the Thottbot forums that reads “FREE Levelling & Useful WoW Resources (March/22th)”.

Unless of course, you’re suggesting that anyone whom can read English in THICK YELLOW stickies with the words “USEFUL WOW RESOURCES” are all little kiddies in school without a life, then I assume that you also mean that anyone who pay attention to simple ‘details’ are also little kiddies in school without lives. I wonder what the executives and managers of our company would think of that. Hmm, why don’t you educate them with your vast perceptive knowledge?

I’m neither as blind nor lacking in the common sensibility to do a tiny tiny tiny bit of research before asking such a question. I believe that the MOST obvious place to look for Mount speeds or most WoW related information would be none other than itself. YET of course and again, you did not somehow.

I HIGHLY doubt that anyone with a brain and eyes and the ability to use their fingers to type, would need to solely be a kid in school and/or an obsessive WoW player to be able to find such a common inquiry on their own.

Come on. Give me a damn break. The only person I see here between you and I who needs their ‘homework’ done seems to be you. Next thing we all would see is someone asking “What is the web site for World of Warcraft?” /wink

Yes indeed.

Then s/he finally replies with:

My final thoughts on this, now tired, topic.

I’ll remind you that you do not know how many sites I went to to look for this information. I sought out 4, didn’t find anything useful, then turned to thottbot again, went into the forums and did a search on mount, which yielded lots of links on MOUNTains.

I did, in fact, see the link entitled wow resources. It didn’t seem likely that that it would have anything in it regarding mounts, given my search results described above. So my bad, I guess. I’ll own this one. I probably should have looked just to make sure.

I did, though, asked a straightforward and simple question and said ‘thanks in advance’ when I was done. What I expected to get back (at best) was a one-liner which was simply a link to the info that I needed.

What I did not expect to get back was your snotty response, which, frankly inspired the remainder of this, now thoroughly, annoying thread.

Give _you_ a break? Buddy. Give _me_ a break. Your response, as juvenile as it sounded is the type of response that puts people off of the online gaming communities.

If I own the fact that I perhaps should have dug a bit deeper for the information I was looking for, then you really need to own the fact that there was no need to reply in the manner that you did.


Hahaha… Snotty? Hardly. I confess that I too would feel quite a bit of a sting if someone else were to say the words I said to this person, but rarely do I have anyone make those sort of comments to me unless I really deserve it.

I enjoy conversations and debates with people whom have strong personalities or at least, the personal ability to stand up for their own actions. I especially find it quite disgusting and unfortunately, mentally throw up a little when people ask questions that are easily found when you dig a little deeper.

You said you’ve searched and read through 4 sites that doesn’t give you the information you need. Really?


BY CLICKING on the “TRANSPORTATION” link on the side menu, it yields a link that goes to the above page. Under “INFORMATION” what does it tell you?

OBVIOUSLY, you have NOT done ANY DEEP digging.

As far as ‘juvenile’ goes, do not confuse juvenile with caustic. Juvenile means unnecessary flaming. Caustic/sarcasm followed by helpful advice or a comment is simply a flaming red hot poker prodding you into the right direction. If you can’t take blunt words, then you should go hide in a dark hole somewhere away from other people.

Criticism, especially ones that help you should be taken to heart, even if it initially stings you. Otherwise, if you like to call other people names without due warrant, then the one who’s ‘juvenile’ would be the name caller, hence you ‘buddy’.

“Peace. Out.”

/sigh, at least depart with dignity! No point trying to mask your inability to do simple research and name calling with a semi-sarcastic fare-thee-well commentary.

As Albert pointed out before and reconfirmed my thoughts, yes, I crack myself up. I re-read that a few times and laughed quite hard. Ah, compound wit can be so sexy. ^_~

Anyway, the conversation continued and s/he added:

Yep. I knew I should have simply gone about my day and forgot all about you. But I didn’t. My bad again.

How much digging I did is, at this point, unimportant. Perhaps I didn’t do the amount of research that you deemed as necessary. Perhaps I annoyed you with a seemingly inane question. I still go back to my original point — There was no need for you to respond to my post in the fashion that you did. You clearly have made a career out of being ‘caustic’ to people and quite frankly, I pity the people that have to deal with you on a day-to-day basis.

_Try_ to lighten up.

And finally, I just kind of compromised between my sleepiness and the bait I’ve thrown out for him/her to latch onto:

I too pity the people that have to deal with me on a day to day basis. I tell them right off the bat “I’m a blunt person. If you do a good job, I may praise you. If you do a bad job, I will critique you, but if you ever ask me a question that you could have easily found yourself, I will show you the door and possibly even transfer you away from my team.”

Anyway… Regardless. Lets both grab a beer after work and call it a day.

However to end my rant, I remember another member (DonTuka) here at Thott said this:

Just one last comment I want to throw in, as I heard it many times from my Dad while growing up. It usually went something like this…

Me: Where can I find the (fill in the blank)?

Dad: *kicks me in the butt*… (literally….they were allowed to do that back then and it was actually ENCOURAGED)

Me: Owwww….what was that for?

Dad: A kick in the ass is a step forward, now go find it yourself.

Words of wisdom, never realised the actual beauty and profoundness of that statement until I had kids of my own that came to me with the same situation!


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