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Having Fun With Nuns



^^ It was a nice cake.

This entry is roughly half a month overdue, but better late than never I guess.

Prior to a yummy birthday dinner my mom made Sunday Jan 13th, Benny took me out on the 11th to The Foggy Dew on #5 for a pitcher of Sleeman’s Honey Lager and some snacks. We talked mainly about naughty stuffs and a little about work. It was a fun and simple night. Then a day after the dinner at home, Laura showed up unexpectingly with two things that gave me a smile and a laugh.


^^ A day before my birthday, my mom cooked me up lobster, abalone, brocoli, and some other stuff. My dad bought a bottle of Yellow Tail Merlot and my brother got me a birthday cake.






^^ I try not to be wishy washy on semi-superstitious things, but I was making a nice wish of sorts as seen here…



^^ Laura called me late Monday night to see if she can come over. I was a bit surprised. She came over and the first thing she did was pull off her socks and rubbed her feet vigorously. The second thing she did was fart, followed by a burp and some more farting over the course of the night.

Seen here, I was holding up a calendar called “Nuns Having Fun”. YEAH BABY! Yeah! You see, Laura remembered! 83


^^ Not busty. Not big eyed. Not remotely close to being cute, but hey, they’re nuns having fun. NUNS HAVING FUN!

Laura also got me an outdoors’ book called “103 Hikes in South Western B.C.” Good stuffs! It’s nice to not have to search Google for hiking trails because I really hate staring into the monitor and looking through pages and pages of links for something I want, only to find crap info. The book is good. It’s GOOD!

Laura, wash your hands before you touch food or me… 8P

Also, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday at Facebook.


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13 years ago

Me?? Farting?!! When did that occur?? All I heard were some sad puppies whimpering into the night. You should call the pound or something… poor things just need a good home!! 😉

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