Self Reflection

Reminiscing On Beer


Another night, another beer… I seriously need my own mini-fridge and stash, but then comes the nagging from my parents. The good things living with parents is that there is guaranteed breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including a snack later in the evening. Living costs also goes down to the basics. I give 60% to 80% of my income to my parents since I don’t need my money for anything. However, if I live on my own, I wouldn’t be able to give 60% to 80% of my income to them, and there is no guarantee that breakfast, lunch, and dinner would be made, let alone a midnight snack. I would have to pay for rent or a mortgage, land tax, and other expenses including food, gas, and other crap. The thing is though, then I would have freedom to have my mini-fridge and beer. Heck, I wouldn’t need a mini-fridge. I can just stock my entire fridge with beer.

The real problem with living with parents is that a lot of things are taken for granted. I am my mommy’s boy. She pats me occasionally, just as I pat my intimate lovers and certain female friends. Also, I can’t bring women home… Well, I can, but, yeah…


More beer.


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