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[“Silhoutte Dance” from the Ridge Racer R4 OST]

For awhile now, I’ve been pondering on whether to train pro or not. I’m pretty old to start, and hard to get strong. After watching Nasu, it gave me more inspiration.


^^ The Cervelo P2SL Race Bike. This was my original goal, and it costs a lot less than the next one. The entire bike costs about $3000 cdn. (LINK)


^^ The Cervelo P2C Race Bike. This one is a bit more pricey at $4300, but base on the specs, it looks like a choice bike. (LINK)

I might actually have a total of three bikes within the next 3 years, excluding a motorcycle. 8] My Ironhorse Sonic 02 Front Suspension bike, my new Full Suspension bike – if I get into cross-country mountain, and the new road cross country bike. [sigh] Need to save then… 8]


Edited 8:52pm: And that was a pretty good ride. I did my usual daily round and came back to take Albert’s Maverick out for a sprint. Approximately 2 kilometres in 5 minutes – that’s including traffic obstacles. So far, back on my old record, I could do 1.6 kilometres in about a minute and a half. Need to recheck that record since that was a sprint I did more than 2 years ago.

I wish there is a very long straight gradual up and down road I can ride on around here, but I might have to go to the Prairies, in the boonie middle States or Spain for that sort of road. [sigh]


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14 years ago

Ach! Mien leiderhosen!
So doing 2k in 5 minutes+obsticles isn’t good enough for ya eh?
xD Ya know, there are some of us who can’t do 2k in ten minutes with no obstalces.
So not fair, dude. Why are you teh one blessed with enough energy/willpower/what have you, to actually move about off your behind?

You could try Alberta for open roads. Though, we may be abit TOO flat for ya. Since you seem to want sorta slopey terrain. Don’t think we got much of that. At least not around where I live.

But it’d be cheaper, neh? xD

14 years ago

Hahaha… 8]

Fong Pei
Fong Pei
14 years ago

I wonder how hard it is to design a bike frame? would be nice to know what are the design criteria

14 years ago

Actually I’m not sure, but I was reading up on the P2C’s one sheet specs and got an idea of why they designed it the way they did. Check it out here: PDF

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