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Sinfest Takes The Cake

Not really, but Tatsuya Ishida is awesome! Check out one of this strips – click on them for the comic:

1. Want – 8]
2. Want 2 – 83
3. God Force – Haha… 8]
4. Rogues Gallery – Nice one! The “Don’t Give A Shit!” team! 8D
5. Just Say No To Knowledge
6. Work Both Sides – Hahaha, the awesomeness!
7. Day In The Life – Now that is THE life! Reminds me of what I do sometimes… 😉
8. Dream Life – “You are so exciting! Do me! Do me! Forever!”
9. Good Idea – This one is definitely the best. “Shut your stupid devil mouth!”
10. There I Was
11. Day In The Life 2 – Awww, so cute… 83
12. Day In The Life 3 – Hahaha… 8D
13. Cranky Old God
14. Withdrawal 4 – “What do I always tell you about overdoing it?!”
15. Churchbot – yup, that’s pretty much how it is… 😉
16. Family
17. Buddha – “Mother fucker went right between us!”
18. Reco’nize 3 – oh yes, and I would too… 😉
19. Why Did You Do It!? – Ahahaha! Nice one!
20. Loony Fanboy – 8]
21. The Woman Debate

Ah 21, and so that makes it legal in all countries now, so that’s all for now. If you want to read the rest of his comics, just click on the links at the bottom of each strip. Remember that being evil doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re being bad. It just simply means you’re being human. 😉


^^ And I’ll become Catholic if they all come like that! YUM! 😀


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14 years ago

Well, that Mother Theresa— rrRrrrRrRrRrrRr 😉

11 years ago

I absolutely have a fetish for curvy women as nuns! NUNS!

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