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A problem I have is when I think up a cool sounding name and I want to register a domain for it, knowing full-well, that I will most likely not do anything with it. “The Thought Provoking Nutmeg” sounds like a domain name and an alias I can use, but at the end of the day, I will not be using it for anything. At age 40, I already have too much on my plate. If I had started all of this in my late teens, before the internet was a popular tool, perhaps then, I could have created some incredible things with my life and beyond. Alas, at age 40, not only do I have enough to do, but as usual I am procrastinating on many of those things. Leemanism has been my most consistent project thus far.

So this has become my first blog post for Leemanism v14b. Prior to this, I had seven published posts, then I decided to remove all of those and right off the bat, post up a “Trump is a disgusting human being” blog post, but after leaving up for one day, I decided I don’t want a political shit storm on my main blog. Politics was once-upon-a-time about disagreeable ideologies that can still be conversed with civility. It was about the people and how we handle the people’s growing needs. That unfortunately has been stripped down to who can talk over the other person the most obnoxious way possible, for the most part. I have only seen two arguments politically in the last year that was civil and both sides of the argument made headway. Other than that, the other hundreds I’ve come across are just Neo Conservatives making extremely historically-challenged demented rhetoric, and the overflowing handfuls of Liberals completely taking things out of context to suit their most agreeable social media stances from their followers. Yes, I said “Neo Conservatives”. Trump isn’t a conservative. Don’t kid yourself thinking he is. At best, he is the worst of what a modern-day American conservative and liberal is. At worst, he is his own political ideology. So it amazes me when so many American conservatives align themselves with such a piece of shit, when Trump isn’t even a conservative himself. Just because he is a member of the Republican Party, it doesn’t automatically make him conservative.

Actually, I don’t even want to talk about Canadian politics. I might make a jab here and there in the Common Sense category of my blog posts, but that’s about it. However, before I go on with this post, note I am not a fan of Prime Minister Trudeau, but I am not a fan of Mr. Andrew Scheer either. In fact, I am not a fan of any particular candidate that was up for election as prime minister. Though Michael Chong has my vote any time. I am partial only to the individual policies each side adhere to and follow through with. Unlike many of my constituents, I have no party loyalty. I am only loyal to the nation, to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the second and those in my private relationships. Party loyalty is absurd, as clearly shown in the USA. If someone has done wrong, then you criticize that person for their misdeeds. You don’t continuously justify and enable that person’s wrongdoing.

With that said, I am what is politically termed, a Progressive Conservative. In short, socially progressive and fiscally conservative. I believe in less governance over the will of the people. If you want to start a brothel for the safety of sex workers, then so be it. The law should be impartial to everyone, no matter their personal beliefs, line of work, ethnicity, so on and so forth. The government should dictate the framework of the nation, not micro-manage every little thing we do. Leave micro-management to the cities. Universal health care is a must for the basic necessities of all, since we pay taxes. This means the welfare of everyone as a single entity to serve the nation’s best interest should be the norm, but if you want a boob job or a penis extension, that’s all on you.

Property taxes is out of control here in British Columbia. Housing crisis isn’t a recent problem. This happened when the governments that took power during the 1990’s all the way to now, doesn’t give incentive and emphasize on Canadians. They are all too lazy and incompetent. So instead of putting Canadians first, they try to appease foreign investments, thus creating this huge mess. Sure, super high taxes and a special foreign ownership tax has been inserted now, but it’s too late. Why did my 31 year old 650 square foot apartment cost me $290,000? Why is my property tax just above $800/yr? Why is my utilities bill over $1,000/yr? Why is ICBC charging us $2,200/yr? Guess what? All of these things keep going up and what has the government done for us? Do I feel safer now than I did in 1990? No. Do I feel like my life has improved since 1990? Yes, because I worked for that improvement and not because the government charging all of us an arm and a let is doing anything for us.

In short, ICBC needs to be replaced by private car insurance companies. $5,000 for first year New Drivers is ridiculous. Many of these first year drivers are students with student loans. How the fuck does the NDP justify this? You know what their reasoning is? “The burden of car insurance pay out is due to inexperienced drivers.” Actually, the burden of car insurance pay out is due to incompetent drivers. I have seen tons of drivers around Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, etc) without the green N, who drive extremely poorly. Not long ago, some Asian-ethnic woman in her 50’s was turning on #3 and Granville, almost hitting two pedestrians crossing the White-Walk signalling intersection. Instead of stopping, she swerved IN FRONT of them, to turn. That is fucked up! People like that need to have their licenses revoked immediately, banned from driving for at least three years and go through the entire driver’s licensing process all over again.

The NDP is a dimwitted government that does good in some areas, but also very bad in others. It’s great they are trying to shift the burden to the rich, where they have the majority of our money, but at the same time, they are putting a lot of burden on those struggling, who have other loans they need to pay off. Equality is best left for policies that allow opportunities for those people coinciding their abilities, but terrible for policies that try to make everyone pay the same way. A person that makes a million dollars a year pays more income tax, but it’s a lot easier for that person to pay $5,000/yr on car insurance than for a student with a student loan to pay $5,000/yr on car insurance. See how messed up that is?

Anyway, as you noticed, I mentioned our sovereign, Queen Elizabeth the second. I am a monarchist. I believe just because something has little functional value today, it doesn’t mean we should get rid of them. However, this is in context of traditional and historical values. We don’t get rid of our elderly mothers and fathers, just because they no longer raise us right? So why would we get rid of the monarchy, just because they no longer hold

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