Self Reflection

Wearing Panties Over Your Head


You know the most common shit I hear from generic women are? Well, I won’t name who wrote this, but I’ll copy and paste a part of her comment here:

To me, the most important thing in life is happiness.
The keys to a lasting relationship are love, trust and responsibility.

The most common crap I hear from a lot of women today in the GVRD is that they love to party, dance, drink, and have a guy make them laugh. You know what the first word that comes to my mind is? “Irresponsibility.”

Okay, if I don’t stereotype, then let’s put it to perspective. Albert has a bunch of colleagues at his Accounting and Auditing firm who makes money, parties, and buy things like $5000 purses and wallets, and spend thrifts on things like travelling, booze, and gadgets they use for a week then throw away the next. Reminds me of my brother.

Anyway, what would I do with $5000? Probably give $2000 to my parents, put $2000 in my savings, and use the rest to pay off whatever’s on my credit card, get some upgrades for my computer, and possibly put it towards a new road race bike.

This reminds me of Lindsay Lohan’s 1.3 million dollar purse… One question: WHY?!?!?!


So back on the quote I got from that girl whom I won’t name; you know what I did when I read her comments? I laughed and choked and then coughed which caused even more coughing from my damn illness. Keys to a lasting relationship ISN’T made up of those things. Love, trust, and responsibility. They are the result of open communication in thought, emotion, physical and intimate connection. They are the result of being aware of oneself and how s/he affects his/her partner and their immediate circle of friends and family, and to those that look up to them. They are the result of having the strength and wisdom to accept criticism, judgment, and trials, and to reflect, work by him or herself and work with their partners as well as friends and family, to change and upgrade oneself for the greater whole.

And may I mock her words more by repeating them again? What the fuck is love, trust and responsibility by themselves?!?! Too naive and generic. No wonder why relationships turn to boredom and people use the birth of children as an obligatory excuse for ‘love’ between two people – even if their marriages have problems. Yeah, lock yourself in the damn delusion.

[thumbs up (your ass)]

However, you know what? Whatever works for her. I can see her date some generic guy. [globe of clouds wander over my head] Ah I see, white shirt, gray tie, dress pants, brief case, egg sandwich, lemon tea juice box, office, tap tap tap, ring ring, manager? I’m home. What’s for dinner? Chow faan and diced beef with green onion. Mmm my favorite! Television, brush teeth, shower, sleep.


So Spongey and Fong Pei may wonder why the sudden rant? Well, I’m not sure. I think I’ve been spending too much time reading over retarded posts on on things like “I’m 25, he’s 49 – is our age gap too big?” or “Why would a guy i like, that my best friend dated, say that he had sex with her but didn’t cum? What should i do because my best friend only told me that she gave him a blow job so… i dont know if he is telling the truth.”


I thought back when I was a teenager and wondered whether I had these problems, or anyone around me had those problems. I mean, FOR FUCK SAKES! [pants]

[“Romelus 3” by Alistair Hirst]

You know what’s really funny but for some reason, I haven’t been laughing about it? Is the sound of a near-distant farting. Someone in their room, probably a few houses down from here has been farting every few minutes. Then every 2nd or 3rd fart, he would laugh at himself. It’s mhm…

OH MY GOSH! I just saw an early soft core porn with Jet Li being jerked off by some Chinese slut!



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14 years ago

Wow, didja see Jet Li’s thingy too? :p

I think that giggling farting person was me. My diet’s had an increase of potatoes since I’ve landed back here… *hehehe*

Fong Pei
Fong Pei
14 years ago

since we are on that topic, I think that’s the true key to a successful relationship is the sharing of flatulence. I know that’s the key to our friendship, right MAN LEE?

you sure that’s jet li? doesn’t really look like him…but then again, I’ve never seen him being jerked off before. =P

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