Self Reflection



Just to give everyone huge hugs and sloppy kisses and “until next times”. My flight is in less than 12 hours. Gotta pack something extra and go to bed. I’ll ‘see’ everyone in about 3 weeks. Remember, I encourage masturbation – even if it gives you diarrhea (how? I don’t know)! 83


^^ L-R: Patrick, Edmund, me, Laura, Alisha, Albert, and Jenny


^^ OH YEAH! That’s the stuff!


^^ I have to say Alisha looks really yummy. 83 Is that how her name is spelled?


^^ THAT is kung fu! KUNG FU!


^^ Yes I’ve always had bad skin… [sobs]


^^ Dallas VS Vancouver. At least Van won 3-2!


^^ I was the half-gender in Team Girls VS Yellow Dragons when we played Cranium, while Albert worked on his CASB stuffs. Look how jolly they were! JOLLY!

Sayonnara… 8]


ps: good that Albert and Jenny came out with us tonight! 8]

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Fong Pei
Fong Pei
14 years ago

sorry i couldn’t make it….there was an accident in thunder bay and traffic was backed up for miles and provinces!

p.s. Vancouver played St. Louis, not Dallas silly little sex boy

14 years ago

Her name’s spelled Alicia… and yes she is quite the yummilicious one! 😉

Thanks for posting up the pics even though you had like 9 hours before flight time!!! Wow, Jenny has quite the lengthy tongue!!

Have an awesome time, will pray that she has “2 eyes, a nose and a mouth”!!! 😉 Seeya when you’re back!!

Fong Pei
Fong Pei
14 years ago

have fun….email us if you can, if not, we’ll talk to you in 3 weeks….and see you in another month after that!

14 years ago

Shit! Don’t practice that…that…Feng…shorty…crap, what’s it called? Dx
But yeah, if it promotes peace and all that shit, don’t do it while your there!!!! They’ll fucking torture you man! I’ve seen the sites about that shit.
**Forgot to drop that warning sooner. Feels like shit**

Better bring your ass back, with no injuries, hear me?

And why the fuck am I getting weepy-ish?

14 years ago

Hahaha… That’s okay. It’s Hong Kong, not quite China. Though this place is just as corrupt – possibly even worst in some cases.

Yeah, I have access to the internet. So it’s not as bad as it was back in 2002 when the only place I had convenient internet access was at my 5th aunt’s place.

You know, one day, if I make 2.5 million monies a year, I’ll invite an all-expenses paid (except personal stuffs like tampons and condoms and underwear, etc) 😉 , erm year, invite all my friends from Australia, Canada, UK, blah and blah to HK with me, then we can tough South-East China. Hopefully, one or two of you will be single and willing to go be my wingman and vice versa…

WTH am I blabbering about?

So bored at night.



Can’t surf porn on my 13 year old cousin’s computer! Especially it’s a she cousin. A SHE COUSIN! With a SHE DOG!


Fong Pei
Fong Pei
14 years ago

wingman for what purpose? surely, its a pure and innocent cause

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