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Zero Requiem, Code Geass R2, thank you

This was originally intended to be a reply at a blog about Code Geass R2’s ending. I decided to put it here, since I’m in control of excess here and spam will never be able to get pass the security I have up.


Tune: “Continued Story” by Hitomi Kuroishi

Just happened on this one blog about the ending to CG R2. I find that the ending of this series to be quite beautiful. Poetic in a raw sense. I think the correct word to use would be “epic”.

Everything from series 1 all the way to now makes complete sense and I am satisfied it ended this way. Zero lived up to his name from start to end. If anyone were to ever ask me, “Which fictional characters had given you a memorable experience?” I would have to say that Zero/Lelouch is one of them.

Things we wish to know, eg: what C.C. means does play a disturbing role in our minds, I’m sure, but they’re trivial and leaves something remarkable to remember by. Remarkable as in, “we’ll ponder on it over and over again until we get so sick of it that we want nothing to do with it”. Yet, it wouldn’t be so, because for those who have grown to appreciate this sort of anime/art piece(s), we’ll always remember it as one of the best anime ever created – no matter how some people may deem it “cliched” and “bland”. Looking past the surface material is often a component of anime – at least, anime with depth.

I have to applaud Gorō Taniguchi and Ichirō Ōkouchi for an excellent two series, as well as Hitomi Kuroishi for your beautiful voice and Kōtarō Nakagawa for making the music happen. Thank you.

Of course, with that said, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on legit Bandai DVD’s of both the first and second series.

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