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Deflection of Responsibility in Residential School Murders

It was recently discovered that nearly a thousand First Nations’ children were raped and murdered by Catholic-run school staff at various residential schools in Canada and buried in unmarked graves. First Nations’ children that died while attending those schools aren’t recent news. It has been known for a long time, but these specific crimes are now out in the open. When I brought this up with one of my friends, who is a Protestant Christian, initially she acknowledged that it’s a horrible thing to have happened, but quickly deflected the blame to the Canadian government saying that ultimately, they are to blame for turning a blind eye and allowing this to happen in the first place. What irritated me about her deflection, was that the ultimate boss of the Catholics isn’t the Canadian government, but God. While the Canadian government at the time sponsored these residential schools and allowed the First Nations’ children to be ripped from their homes and forcibly allow Christian indoctrination to brainwash them out of their culture, at the end of the day, those Christians had only one deity to answer to, and that is God himself.

As a humanist, I can objectively see every religion for their pros and cons. I have defended religion against militant atheists. I have defended atheists against militant religious people. I have defended religious people against other religious people. I have defended atheists from other atheists. However, at the end of the day, I can criticize a belief system, without deflection. On the other hand, I find in 100% of all of our conversations about religion, especially if it has to do with Christianity, my Protestant friend always finds a way to deflect blame. I understand why she does what she does, but it’s disappointing, because even though she is Christian herself, she is also a human being who has the ability to teach right and wrong, especially in cases like this. If her children bring up residential school rapes and murders, will she really tell them it’s primarily the fault of the Canadian government? So when does personal accountability start? When do Christians actually denounce their own congregations of evil people who decided to do evil things?

The most important thing is why didn’t God stop these Christians from committing such horrific crimes against children? And this wasn’t just a handful of times. This was thousands of times committed over a period of about 80 years!

Just call it what it was! Christians raped and murdered First Nations’ children for the duration of the existence of residential schools meant to segregate those children from their culture and families! What does deflecting blame to the government do? Does it absolve your religion from having the allowance to birth evil people to do evil things in the name of God?

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2 months ago

I think the most disgusting thing about religious rapists is that not only are they terrible people who don’t behave in the name of their God, but because of their standing and their good Christian front, they somehow seem to feel entitled to such behaviours. it is an abuse of power in the worst and most hypocritical way.

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