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There is a woman I used to follow on Instagram named Daisy Lea (@daisylee1). She is a Playboy Playmate. Unlike many men on IG, I don’t comment lewd crap on people’s photos and videos, even if some of the models ask for it. For me, it’s really a matter of personal ethic and principle. Sure, I could feel hot and horny on the inside, but I’ll keep those thoughts to myself unless the person I have feelings for asks for them specifically.

Anyway, in her latest post, she made this comment:

“Should men have a curfew ???? so women can go out at night & not feel scared for their life? ????Men commit 96% of murders & 99% of rapes after all.. #GenderBasedViolenceAwareness”

What’s annoying about that, is that those in support of that statement is reading the statistic incorrectly. For example, one of her followers Cybergcw, made the following sarcastic remark:

“Come on Daisy, 1% of us aren’t bad ???? why should WE take accountability?! Jeez!”

Because that 1% you cited isn’t based on the total male population of the planet. It’s based on the total homicides from 2009 to 2012, which came out to be 436,621 homicides. That statistic is based solely on the 436,621 homicides, which 96% of them were committed by men. So why should the rest of us, whom have absolutely nothing to do with these crimes be held accountable for what those criminals did?

Basically, Cybergcw’s sarcastic remark was uncalled for, because she’s basing her ideas on the wrong conclusion. She thinks that 96% of all men on the planet should be held accountable, which is of course, the wrong statistic. Let’s pretend for a moment that each homicide of that 436,621, account for one man. Let’s say roughly half the world’s population is men. 436,621 of half the world’s population is about 1% of the total population. So in fact, her sarcastic statement “1% of us aren’t bad” is reversed. 99% of the world’s men aren’t murderers and rapists. Of course, the numbers aren’t exactly like that, but you get my drift.

IF the 96% murders and 99% rapist statistics were based on the entire population of the planet, then I would understand and accept their statements. Alas, it is simply not true.

Now, Daisy Lea responded to my comments on three different threads. I will paste one of the threads here:

Would that apply to men as a blanket statement or men who have committed those crimes? Certainly putting a curfew on all men is not only sexist but also tyrannical.

@kagemuschi almost as tyrannical as the government imposing abortion bans on women’s bodies..

@daisylea1 Those are two different topics. Please stay on topic. You and Samwise believe putting a curfew on men is a good thing, that it will deter violence against women. So I asked, does your statement apply to all men or just the bad ones? For the record, I am against the government putting abortion bans on women.

@kagemuschi I’m just kidding about a curfew. I posted that to show how women feel daily- just to be alive & walk outside. It’s scary for us because of predatory men. Men r a global problem for women’s safety

@daisylea1 – Thank you for the clarification. I was worried that one of my favourite Instagram models have become an extremist. ♥ However, you are right that too many men are in power over the control of women. We, as a whole, need to continue to educate people to treat everyone respectfully and not judge people based solely on their looks.

While I disagree with how she asserts her message, I understand the overall meaning behind it. Alas, what is irritating are the people who came to the defense of her rhetorical question. For example, one member named Samwise.nwah looks like he was trying to score brownie points with Ms. Lea by saying what he said about another member’s comments. This was the thread where he made his comments. Specifically note Samwise.nwah comments against Scuster132’s comments:

Ive never been raped or assaulted.

@tanya_121222 that is the definition of privilege. Just because it hasn’t been a problem for u, doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. I don’t know a woman that doesn’t fear for her life just to walk outside at night & I don’t know a man that does..

@daisylea1 get a pistol and get proficient with it its a great equalizer

@scuster132 so your answer to males predisposition to violence and sexual violence is to but the responsibility on to the victims of said violence. As much as I understand your the practicality of your suggestion I think you might be let males off the hook.

@samwise.nwah there is no other answer to violence but greater violence humans evolved with men doing the necessary violence so of course it will have consequences what is your suggestion? Treat weak immoral men with kindness so they don’t rape people?

@scuster132 well, as the account owner suggested, limiting males individual freedom would reduce incidents. This perspective of greater violence being the answer to violence is a bit naive mate. Behaviour can and has been modified with the correct stimulas and restriction. Threatening violence to suppress people is not the only way to accomplish social cohesion.

@samwise.nwah ya sorry giving up freedom for perceived safety never works the only thing that will cause is resentment towards women the only thing that stops evil is force it doesn’t care about laws feelings or wishes and taking away freedom can only be achieved through violence and it’s violence that is against people that have yet to do anything wrong

@scuster132 so what you’re essentially saying is..You are not prepared to do anything, you are not prepared to lose anything, you accept that the violence against women exists and it’s at the hands predominately males but do not have any interest in addressing males but suggest women arm themselves. Okay????. So how about a fire arm tax that benefits women? How about higher taxes for males purchasing fire arms with the explicit purpose of offsetting the cost for women to buy fire arms? What about smaller anti personal arms like mace or tasers? Is it a good idea for items like them to be harder for males to acquire while they should be emphasised to women in order to create a landscape where women tend to have more concealed weapons? What is it you are prepared to do mate?

@samwise.nwah everyone should be armed a good concealable pistol is 250 dollars new if you want a taser by all means but that leaves them alive to possible hurt someone who isn’t as prepared to defend themselves they also aren’t effective though heavy clothing I think it’s a horrible idea to make it harder for anyone to be armed men are even more violent towards each other than women I’m more than willing to help anyone learn to shoot sorry your not going to change the nature of some men there will always be some that take advantage (just as some women do) there is shitty people in the world and that will never change

@scuster132 so your answer to male violence is to do nothing? Got it

@samwise.nwah how r u so educated. U must read a lot of studies! ???????????????????????????????? None of my followers want to comment their BS anymore after one bout with u lol. I LOVE it

@samwise.nwah my answer is to keep it from succeeding your answer is to lock all men in a cage nothing less will stop all violence against women I don’t believe in the redistribution of wealth through taxes 250 dollars is not an exorbitant amount of money and you can absolutely find cheaper used weapons

@scuster132 again, you are prepared to do nothing. We get it. You don’t need to use so many words to admit something so simple kiddo.

@scuster132 she’s talking over you and pushing her rhetoric. She wasn’t in discussion, just simply humoring. I commend you for taking a stance and engage, rather than belittling.

@kagemuschi I hardly think fence sitting is a “stance”

@samwise.nwah he literally never said that. He said educating men and women in self defense us better than putting a blanket curfew on all men.

@kagemuschi I.e. he’s prepared to do nothing except sit on a metaphorical fence and avoid any effort, accountability, social responsibility etc. Happy enough to yell silly ideas he doesn’t have to lift a finger for as well. Fence sitting.

@kagemuschi what r u doing to help women? R u speaking to other men about gender equality & the rampant & pervasive violence against women? Or do u only pipe up when u personally want to be absolved from blame so u say “not all men.” ?

@daisylea1 Actually, I have time and again spoken against Republicans and Conservatives who wish to control women. I am a proponent in equal opportunities in the work place, based purely on skill and experience. I am against the government putting bans on abortion. I believe it’s a woman’s right to choose what is best for her own body. Her body, her rules. Whenever any of my female friends feel they are burdened by the sexism of men in the work place, I try my best to figure out solutions to their problems. If none can be done, then I help them look for better jobs. I have even helped a few write letters to HR and their local Member of Parliament, about the sexism in their work place. I have on many occasions, try to empower my wife to be her own independent woman – to give her the tools and opportunities needed to make those things happen.

So no, please do not assume I am trying to absolve blame for the guilty. I am clearly not. I just prefer that people are objective, rather than narrow minded. Many people are narrow minded, but I hope you’re not.

@samwise.nwah Uh no. That is literally not what he was saying. You continue to read ‘over’ his words. You’re not interested in engaging his thought process. You’re just cramming your own version of reality. As I said to Ms. Lea, objectivity and perspective is needed here. Not talking over people, making assumptions and pushing a rhetoric. The Republicans in the USA are a load of BS that needed to be voted out. However, you’re perpetuating the same sort of tyranny on people. You’re just on the other side of extremism. Educating the masses on gender equality, perpetuation of mutual respect, good mental health and being taught how to self defend are good things. Alas, if only you get that.

@kagemuschi nope. You are making allowances for him to effectively do nothing yet pretend he is contributing. He isn’t at all and you making concessions for him is the equivalent of handing him a participation trophy. I’ve read what he has said and it equates to nothing more than fence sitting. There is no wiggle room here, his statement is black and white. If you think he is conveying more than this by all means, start speaking for him. I can’t wait to see.????

I stopped responding, because I realized he was the self-serving White Knight who cannot be reasoned with, unless I was a Playboy Playmate whom he adores. 😉 Basically, he kept repeating, “Scuster is a fence sitter. His solution is not doing anything.” When literally, Scuster said teaching people the use of firearms and self defense is the first and most usable step. Samwise.nwah is actually the one who’s ‘solution’ is literally not doing anything useful. Putting a curfew on all men is a lazy non-solution which will just create massive resentment towards women. It’s quite apparent, he didn’t think things through, but extremists usually don’t.

The majority of sexual abuse happens with a close family friend or family member. How is a curfew going to stop your abusive father, abusive uncle, abusive aunt? So it’s funny that his idea of contributing to the solution is caging all men, but Scuster’s response for self-defense and educating the masses is not. That proves he didn’t actually read Scuster’s statement and only read what he wanted to read. Even more annoying, is that Ms. Lea chose to like Samwise.nwah asinine posts, than to step back and critically think about the conversation. The issue of course, is that Samwise.nwah agreed with her rhetoric right off the bat. That is why he seems ‘smart’. His words are a mirror to hers.

Though I have to say, that it’s very strange that he’s totally okay with putting a curfew on all men, including himself, his dad, his grandpa, his sons, his male cousins, his male friends, etc, even though none of them most likely never committed a murder or a rape. The statistic that 436,621 people that died from 2009 to 2012, of which 96% were committed by men, doesn’t mean the other roughly 3,499,563,379 men on the planet committed those crimes. So why are the rest of us guilty by association?

For example, let’s say there are 50 million sexual harassment cases in one year globally. Of those 50 million cases, let’s say all of the criminals were men and those men committed 10 rapes each. So let’s say 5 million men globally committed rape in a span of one year. Now, 5 million out of 3.5 billion males equals to 0.0014% of the world’s male population. Tell me, why should there be a curfew on all 3.5 billion males globally, when a lot less than 1% of the world’s male population committed rape against women? Why are the other 99.9986% of the entire male population guilty by association?

If these women and some men don’t want women to continue to be oppressed by men in power, putting a curfew on all men is not the answer. That will just stir up even bigger problems. They talk about inequality and how men are continually trying to make women do their bidding, yet have no issues in trying to do the same towards men as a whole?

While I am aware that there are good honourable feminists in the world like Andrew Weill, I wish that goodness and honour is what really empowers all feminists to do what they wish to do. Men hating and White Knights are really not up my alley of what I consider good taste, let alone something I see as something being equal. It is the sarcasm of Cybergcw and the White Knighting of Samwise.nwah that make feminism look bad. These things are constantly used as ammo by hypocritical right-wing commentators like Sean Hannity and Alex Jones. If you disagree with people like Sean Hannity and Alex Jones, then why in the nine cat hells are you stooping to their level as well?

The best bet for equality amongst the genders is education, proper self defense, teaching respect at an early age and not expressing the same sort of tyrannical views you hate so much in your opponents. You can be sure I will give my daughters the best education they can get, the respect their individual selves deserve, the training to defend themselves and the opportunities to advance beyond my guidance. I will do the same for my sons. Expressing that women don’t have equality amongst their peers, by putting a curfew on men, is absurd. Don’t do it. You’re just going to breed further inequality and further control by power hungry men.

The only way equality can ever happen is through education and evolving people’s attitudes, then perpetuating those ideals through the masses in public spaces and practiced at home. Also, self defense is a good thing. This is not victim blaming or shaming. This is giving you as much power on all fronts as possible. On one hand, all families should teach equality and government bodies should perpetuate that in the laws. Canada’s equal opportunity laws are pretty spot on. On the other hand, individuals should learn to protect themselves in situations where that respect and equality is not available. That’s just how things are. You give some, you take some. You push some, you pull some.

So it’s disheartening when people agree and Like the posts of other people, based fully on false conclusions. Ms. Lea even went as far as telling Samwise.nwah he’s smart and that after having one statement with him, none would dare respond, which based on the above quotes is obviously untrue. Ms Lea isn’t aware of this obviously, but she thinks he’s smart and wise because he didn’t start a proper discussion with her. All he did was draw the wrong conclusion and outright agreed with Ms. Lea. I wonder what he’s trying to teach his children, especially his sons that an all-encompassing curfew on men is the right thing to do. Regardless, no matter how irritatingly wrong his views are, at the end of the day, his words is a reflection of Ms. Lea’s emotionally-charged thought process. This is a perfect example of people patting each other’s backs inside an echo chamber.

The worst type of ‘wisdom’ is agreeing to people who reflect the exact same rhetoric as you do, without the critical thought process to back up their statement. It’s like saying, “I believe the sky is green. He says the sky is also green. He is so smart! I agree with him fully!” This is the type of rhetoric that won’t get your voice heard properly. You’re trying to tell those with opposing views to ‘deal with it’, yet have no inkling that you’re doing the same thing those you oppose have been doing. You’re the pot calling the kettle black.

Now, if Ms. Daisy Lea ever reads my post here, know that I am aware of what you were trying to say, but it doesn’t help when you’re supporting people who defend your views using the wrong conclusion about men. It’s sexist. Why would you preach inequality in gender, then preach exactly sexist treatment of men as a whole? You should use your fame wisely through objectivity and critical thinking, rather than simply injecting rhetoric, then casting those who want a proper discussion with you aside. Simply put, don’t abuse the power you have, just to ping pong some likes back and forth. You’re worth more if you educate and spread awareness, than to give into the wrong conclusions and perpetuate contradicting ideals.

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