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Oversimplifying Human Biology

This is a continuation of another blog post I uploaded a few days ago about Erin Micklow, where she openly talked about being sexually harassed by a guy jerking himself off in the near distance, while she was taking selfies of herself half naked on public land. As I scrolled through the comments, I came across a feminist who mentioned that because a body part is not a sexual organ, therefore, people should not be sexually aroused by it and if they are, it means media has brainwashed them as thus.

Often times, on social media, I see comments made by feminists stating that any body part not a sex organ, are not supposed to be sexual and if it is seen as sexual, it is because media has brainwashed us to think it is. I see this a lot. My reaction is always a mixture of a mental facepalm, an abruptly long sigh, and a blank expression depicting my sheer amazement just how stupid that statement is. What’s more vexing about that statement, is that a lot of people agree with that point of view. I sighed and facepalmed myself when I read that. Then I facepalmed and sighed again when I read it again, just to be sure I read it right.

^ My god, look at her fit sexy legs!

Guess what? High heels, pierced tongues, fit toned legs, erotic voices, gorgeous curves, and long pretty eyelashes are also not sexual organs, yet people can find them enticing and attractive. Why? Because people are dynamically attuned to what triggers their libido. It’s biology. While it’s true some people are triggered on what they think they want, based on how media portrays beauty, not everyone is chained to what media says. I am one of those people who doesn’t watch television, don’t subscribe or look at magazines, and don’t care about in-fashion. What’s further moronic about Strega.Vampyra’s comment, is that she’s posting on a model’s page where Erin Micklow literally poses in very sexualized poses wearing skimpy things that show off those “fat and glands”. Erin knows sex sells. People that follow her think she is beautiful and sexy. Hell, she even tell her fans to enjoy her media. It doesn’t matter that her beautiful breasts, her perfect body, her beautiful gorgeous ass, her incredibly sexy legs are not sex organs. Apart, they are beautiful aspects of Erin. Together, they are a visual representation of good genes and great self maintenance. I don’t give a rat’s ass what media told me what is sexy and what isn’t. Like my post on “How She Makes Me Feel“, what I find physically attractive in women is broad and most of the time, comes down to the overall flow and the person’s behaviour. Media didn’t tell me that thick thighs and chubby butts are sexy. I found that out on my own. Media also didn’t tell me that pouty pierced lips and tattooed feet are sexy. I found those out on my own as well.

I mean, look at animals in nature. Most, if not all animals that wish to mate with each other, don’t just look at each other’s sex organs and decide solely on their genitals they will mate with that animal. Take peacocks for example. “Male peacocks, known for their brightly colored jewel-toned feathers, show off their colorful train or tail to attract a female. When it comes to selecting a mate, peahens (female peacocks) decide what is attractive.” Source: Peacock Courtship

Have you ever seen a vagina? Most vaginas don’t look enticing. Most vaginas look like drunken clams who had a binge-drinking party the night before. How are we supposed to be sexually attracted to vaginas like that?! Have you see ball sacks? They’re not sexy. Most of us are spurred to want to eat a woman out, not by how it looks, but by how that woman makes us feel. I see an attractive woman, and one of the first things that come to my mind is the strong desire to give her oral sex. Hopefully, if that woman accepts my proposal, whether I give her oral sex or intercourse, her vagina doesn’t scare me away. 😉

So it’s quite incredible that there are people that actually oversimplify human biology and post up bullshit like that. I’m a tad embarrassed for her actually, but more so, disappointed that such naivety and ignorance is passed off as critical thinking. I often scoff at anti-science right wingers for their idiocy, but there are equally as many idiots on the left as well.

PS: my wife wraps her yummy pouty lips around my baby-oil soaked cock and suck it beautifully. So whenever she puts on shiny lipstick, I can’t help but stare at her enticing lips. Media doesn’t have to convince me that pouty lips are lovely to look at and make-out with. It’s basic human biology to find a broad assortment of body types, body parts, and associated body jewelry attractive on people. That’s a scientific fact and science doesn’t care about your feminist-pseudoscience bullshit.

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2 months ago

I think that when you use your attributes as tools to sexually entice, then they are all sex organs 🙂

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