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She didn’t ask for an opinion, but she actually did

The moment you posted your photos, illustrations, stories, statements online for everyone to read, and made commenting available, was the moment you asked for an opinion. This is especially true, when you’re obviously seeking confirmations from people. If you’re seeking ONLY comments from people that agree fully with everything you say, then make that clear. Say, “I only accept answers that agree with me!” Of course, saying something like that would make them attention seeking losers. That is why they don’t.

Earlier, as I was rolling around in bed trying to get up, I happened upon a photo of a woman I follow on Instagram. Her name is Nikki Tran. Obviously, I follow her because she is stunningly delicious. See what I did there just now? I made an opinion. I feel she is beautiful, sexy and most of her photos give rise to my sexual desires. Of course, I rarely comment on people’s photos with comments like this, because I feel it is undignified of me.

In one of Nikki Tran‘s photos, she posted the following, “My freckles wanted to say hello today”. That’s a cute statement.

In response to that statement, another member named “CircleJerk222” commented with “So did those eyelashes. U went a little long with them”. Again, I thought that response was a pretty cute casual comment.

Alas, Nikki responded to CircleJerk222 with the following, “@circlejerk222 Where did I ask for your opinion?”

CircleJerk222 replied with, “when u posted it for everyone to see and comment, thats where”

Of course, Nikki went on to say, “@circlejerk222 Yes, because this is my account where I will post whatever tf I want ???? You really think I’m going to listen to an account named “circle jerk”? Please.”

First of all, at this point, I was wondering what was so offensive with Circle Jerk’s comment that riled Nikki up. It definitely did not look offensive, nor insulting. It was merely pointing out, in a playful way about her long eyelashes.

Second of all, Nikki rhetorically asked where she asked for anyone’s opinion when she interpreted CJ222’s comment as an attack. Yet she has no issues with the other hundreds of other comments people have made citing her beauty and sexiness. Sure, she didn’t specifically ask for anyone’s opinion, but obviously if she opens her photo posts up for comments, she is obviously allowing people to share their opinions of her openly in her posts. So while she didn’t specifically ask CJ222’s opinion, she did ask everyone’s opinions when she shared her photo online publicly.

Lastly and unfortunately, Nikki took his cute casual response as some sort of personal attack. This is a major sign of insecurity on her part. She only accepts opinions of positivity about how beautiful and sexy she is, but would not accept anything else, even if it’s playful rhetoric, not even remotely close to being offensive. It’s as if someone mentioned how beautiful her photo of the sunset is, and someone comes along and says, it’s nice, but I prefer sunrises, then the photographer blows up in full defense mode. It’s utterly ridiculous.

It’s too bad really. I am indifferent to someone’s insecurity, if they are aware of it, and they try their best to address it maturely. However, Nikki’s super negative response was a major turn off. She may look fucking hot as hell, but her attitude and behaviour is something else. If she ever reads this, she’s right, she never asked for my opinion. Does it matter? This is my blog. She posted up something publicly. This is what freedom of speech is. Don’t like it? Then do some self reflecting and work on your insecurity, before lashing out at others for non-offensive playful barely-any-criticisms. This is what consequence looks like.

In an unrelated matter, I had a small argument with another member on IG recently about politics, where she later went into my profile and commented on one of my photos, where she left a vomiting emoji to tell me I am ugly. I responded, paraphrased, “Your insecurity is showing, if you have to go into my profile just to post a negative emoji on one of my photos.” In other words, if you must go to someone’s profile to tell them they are ugly, it clearly shows just how stupid your original argument with them is. If you want to prove you’re right, then prove it intellectually.

So anyway, it’s annoying when people misinterpret, then go off on a tangent defensively, which causes more defensive postures and then a whole whack of people go at each other, all attacking and counter attacking for all of the wrong reasons. Nikki Tran, you’re fucking hot, but damn it girl, I wish you weren’t perceptively challenged.

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