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The Student’s Clothes Made The Teacher Uncomfortable

Coinciding this news story: BC school district gets new dress code after teen sent home over turtleneck-dress outfit, when the teacher went to the school principle with this problem, the school principle should have blankly stared at the teacher for a few seconds, then tell her to go back to the classroom and finish the class, then tell her to take the rest of the day off. After that, perhaps the next day, the school principle should have a sit down with that teacher, her assistant, and the school board’s legal team and figure out a way to discharge that teacher for her inability to function as a professional teacher. That student shouldn’t have been punished for the way she dressed. She wasn’t wearing something skimpy, nor revealing. She was dressed perfectly fine. The only person or people that should have been punished was the teacher and/or the assistant.

What’s ridiculous about this entire non-issue, is that the school automatically punishes the student, but doesn’t sit back for a moment to think exactly what the problem is. The problem is the teacher and/or the assistant are either being ultra conservative assholes, or they have a problem controlling their sexual urges with their students. The only people make provocations here is the teacher and maybe, the assistant. There was nothing wrong with the student.


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