Social Annoyances

The Triggered-In-Chief, President Trump

First of all, all of you Trump supporters keep laughing at leftists, feminists and libtards as being easily triggered, but you continuously turn a blind eye to Donald Trump. Trump is constantly being triggered by everyone that disagrees with him. That is why he constantly Tweets about it. That is why he constantly goes on stage and praises himself, taking credit for most of the things that other people have done. This is a fact. This is not a personal opinion. His triggered mentality can be seen clearly on his own Twitter feed. He is henceforth known as the Triggered-In-Chief or TiC.

Secondly, all of you Neo Cons hammer down on liberals and Democrats for censorship calling them socialist tyrants, but have absolutely no problems when Trump tries to censor people from his own Twitter feed. You justify it by saying it’s his personal account, but what you fail to realize is that he sends out official orders and notifications on behalf of his administration as the president of the United States from his Twitter account. That is what the First Amendment in the constitution is about. The USA government cannot censor people for expressing themselves towards the government. Period. So Trump, using his own Twitter account for official government messages, cannot censor people that disagree with him. Really, that’s not difficult to understand right?

Third, President Trump lies about almost everything. He constantly lies. There are more than 13,000 things he has lied about – small and big lies, all documented. Here are some sources backed by fact checking.

Leftists and Democrats don’t make these things up because they hate Trump. It isn’t fake news that is lying to you. These statements Trump have made can easily be fact checked on your behalf, but all of you don’t do it because you rather spin the liberals-are-never-trumpers rhetoric, than actually do some basic reading and get a little more educated instead. How can they make shit up, when your president keeps doing the lying. Just look up his speeches and interviews! These things can be proven by simply listening/watching Trump’s speeches and actually do a little research. For example, Trump told his supporters in Michigan, he was the one who pushed for the funding of $300 million for the Great Lakes clean up, but he was in fact the one who tried to cut 90% of its funding down to $30 million. When he wasn’t able to cut its funding, he lied to his supporters that he was the one who successfully made it happen. Are you fucking kidding me? He outright lied about it on stage and he got away with it. It was actually President Obama’s administration that signed the $300 million funding to clean up the Great Lakes. Later in 2016, Obama tried to cut funding by $50 million. However, that pales in comparison to the $210 million Trump tried to cut from it in 2019.

Fourth, he did barely anything to improve the steady job growth and good economy. He introduced tax cuts that resulted in mix results. The low unemployment rate and rising economy happened during Obama’s second year in his first term as president. So it’s truly amazing that Republicans and Neo Cons continue to say Trump is a saint for making America Great, but completely disregard Obama, when he and his government were the ones that Made America Great Again. The MAGA hat should be in blue.

Fifth, Trump in his first two and a half years, has so far spent almost as much as what Obama has spent in all eight years of his presidency in golfing and trips. In other words, Trump has so far spent about $114,000,000 of tax payers money on golfing in 2.5 years alone! I remember when people who hate Obama were crying about Obama spending millions of their tax dollars, but these same people have no issues with Trump spending millions of their tax dollars. Hypocritical bitches.

On top of that, prior to his presidency, Trump told his supporters that he would not be golfing because he would be busy and he would rarely take vacations, but lone and behold, he has constantly lied about that too.

Sixth, I’ve seen Trump supporters tell me that during the last year of Obama’s presidency, he was running around the Whitehouse, trying to make life harder for Trump in the transition. They also said that Obama is arrogant and a dictator for trying to dictate what people should do in their private lives.

Actually, Obama told everyone to cut down in salt intake because it’s bad for your health. Obama very rarely praises himself and when he does, he usually does it for casual humour. On the other hand, Trump constantly praises himself. You can see it in videos of him giving speeches. So it amazes me when people say Obama is an arrogant prick, but see absolutely no issue with Trump doing the exact same thing they’re screaming at Obama about.

Someone even told me that he supports Trump because he is good in business. I didn’t realize cheating hundreds of small businesses out of their work is being good in business. He got his money from daddy and real estate. It’s not that difficult to make money off real estate when you already have the capital to buy up land and property. Cheating other people out of their own hard work is anti-American. Small businesses and laborers make up the backbone of the United States. So why do Trump supporters continue to support Trump who has cheated hundreds out of their business?

Also, it’s truly amazing that Trump supporters associate President Obama as being a petty person with poor character, yet have no issues with Trump who has time and again shown he is a petty man child who constantly lies. Let’s put Trump and Obama side by side on the merits of what they have done in their personal lives.

– Cheated multiple small businesses after doing business with them.
– When the small businesses tried to sue, Trump tried to stretch out the legal battles, so the people suing will back off when their money dries up.
– He has cheated on his wives multiple times. Christians do not get divorces unless their marriages are abusive. Trump divorced his two previous wives because he found someone hotter. The fact he even cheated, Christians shouldn’t be supporting him.
– He threatened to sue schools he had previously attended, not to release his grades, even though he preached that he has a super high IQ. What is he afraid of? That the truth he’s a lying idiot comes out?
– He made a promise to release his tax returns, but never released them. It is taking the legal system to force them out of him. Keeping promises seem to be something Trump supporters don’t care about. A person’s word is meaningless, unless it’s a person they hate – eg: Obama.
– He has made some extremely sexist remarks towards women, such as grabbing them by the pussy.
– He has made intimate remarks about his own daughter.
– He constantly praises himself during his speeches.
– He constantly lies and tells half-truths.
– Many of his own administration has been fired, has quit, and have been replaced. Many of them have also been charged with a crime.
– He fights with his own staff and the people that originally supported him. He put Rudy Giuliani under the bus in his Ukraine quid pro quo issue. His personal lawyer Michael Cohen testified he lied for Trump. Some people on Fox News has even started criticizing Trump for his idiocy.
– He taught constitutional law at Harvard.
– He graduated Magna Cum Laude at Harvard.
– He has authored at least 5 books. 1 of which is a children’s book dedicated to his daughters that teach great American values of kindness and open mindedness.
– He released his tax returns, as with every president since Richard Nixon.
– He has never cheated on his wife.
– There has been some bad eggs in his administration, but the vast majority has not been fired, quit or charged with a crime.

So it’s truly incredible that you associate President Obama as having bad character, when Trump is exactly the person you hate in your make-belief fantasy of Obama. Trump is everything you apparently hate in Obama, yet continue to see Trump as some sort of godly saint. It makes absolutely no sense how your perception is so off the charts. It seems there is a lot of projection going on here.

Now, I am not going to spend too much more time on this. I just want to get my feelings out there and tell Trump supporters that you all make me fucking sick to my stomach. How can you support a president that constantly lies, is an arrogant piece of shit that constantly praises himself and deserves none of the credit he gives himself? You think Hillary is bad due to hearsay, due to Benghazi, due to private email servers, but have absolutely no issues that Trump’s own children who work in the government also uses private email servers, has constantly shown corruption and major bias, are actually bad people who cheat on other people. How can you support a president that attacks military veterans and their families, because they disagree with your politics? How can you support a president that has given pardons to criminals? These are literal murderers and arsonists – not people that were wrongfully convicted, or people that went to prison for very unreasonable sentences. How can you support a president that has cheated multiple times through three different marriages? How does that make him Christian?

I am so fucking done here. The only reason Trump will be acquitted after he gets impeached is because the Senate are mostly full of spineless dishonourable Republicans who care more about not tainting the Republican brand name with an impeached president, than actually care about the constitution and what the Founding Fathers wanted for the Republic. You’re Republicans. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB AND TAKE TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE!

True conservatives believe in the balance of government. True conservatives support reservations in going forward. True conservatives remind liberals of stability in momentum, to not act rashly. True conservatives behave ethically and honourably. The Republicans aren’t a party of conservatives any more. They are a party of rich assholes who have marketed to the conservative masses on what scares them the most – socialist America, and turn it into an anti-liberal rhetoric. They are also known as “Neo Cons”. True conservatives vote for what is right for the nation. True conservatives do not adhere to a political brand name.

So what are you? A True Conservative who believes in honour and liberty for everyone, or a Neo Con who follows a conman and chooses to stay ignorant, trying to censor everyone else who disagree with your brand of politics?

I am done with this bullshit. My blog will never mention the Triggered-In-Chief, the Liar-In-Chief, President Donald Fucking Trump ever again. This was my rant. Done and done.