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A Lifetime of Pleasure

Laura recently asked if it was worth having a moment of pleasure for all of the pain Amber goes through while we have sex. She interpreted one tiny mishap as a huge series of painful experiences somehow. Basically, after we fucked a dozen times over three days, Amber found a speckle of blood when she went to wipe herself after she peed.

Regardless, I told Laura that people have setbacks all of the time. Does it mean people should quit doing the things they love, because of one or two setbacks? Plus, I told her Amber had a small bleed. Where did she get the “all that pain” part from? ????

The last time Laura and I talked about her sex life, she told me she doesn’t have a good sex life. She’s never experienced anything remotely close to having pleasurable sex. She told me she never had an orgasm with her partner and she had to fake it all of the time. In context of this, I find that people who have mediocre sex lives, tend to exaggerate the negative issues surrounding sex. In other words, they convince themselves having sex isn’t worth the trouble. They look at it as short term pleasure and as a chore to keep their spouse happy, when it shouldn’t.

For those who do have good healthy sex lives, sex is one of the primary forms of intimate communication between partners. It connects people together emotionally and generates a butterfly effect as those experiences are continued to be expressed through adoration and love.

For example, one evening, Amber sucked me off for almost one hour. She licked me to the edge of my sanity, and my balls swelled up ready to blow. Then she herself couldn’t take it anymore, and desired me to fuck her like a raging savage. So she assumed the position, placed a vibrator up to her clit, and I rammed her strongly for the next ten minutes until she came hard. After she removed the vibrator, she demanded I fuck her like a piston steam engine. So I did as I was commanded to.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth opened, and her fingers clawed at the bed mattress as I banged her and bounced off her beautiful apple shaped ass. Her pussy was ultra creamy and extra warm. I felt my dick pre-cum constantly. Then as the minutes passed, I asked her to lay down flat, with her legs together. In a circular motion, I hooked my cock in and out of her pussy from behind. She moaned and called me “daddy” every now and then. She stuck her fingers into her mouth, licked them seductively and sucked on them generously. Every now and then, she told me how much she loves the pleasure and want me to cum into her mouth. I kiss her backside, her neck and shoulders. Then I feel my balls tighten and whisper, “I’m about to cum.” She thrusts herself backward into me to give my dick a greater sense of pleasurable sensations. Then moments later, I stopped briefly, then thrusted once, a spew of hot cum shoot deep inside of her, followed by another thrust, and a geyser of cum, then a few more motions of fucking, followed by squirts of creamy orgasms. After I take more breaths, I lay on top of her, kiss her face, her neck, and massage her breasts. Then she turns over and I kiss her lips, share a few tickles with our tongues, then I proceed to caress and kiss various parts of her body. She would occasionally touch and caress my arms.

The moments, hours, and days proceeding this fuck session is full of love, consideration, and the expression of strong desire. For example, my strong desire to see her every day – not just for sex. My strong desire to keep the home tidy, so she can come home from work feeling good. My strong desire to massage her aching legs and arms. My strong desire to give and aid in her happiness. My strong desire to not get on her nerves and cause her grief. While she doesn’t always show it, she will, days at a time, thank me, show me appreciation, hug me frequently, kiss me frequently, so on and so forth.

I have a super high sex drive and Amber is very sexual, though not nearly as high of a sex drive as I have. However, even though we have a lot of sex, there are some weeks we just don’t. Not because we don’t want to, but because she’s too tired and in ache, or she’s not in the mood due to her mental illnesses. Sometimes, it’s me. All of this is okay, because we have established a connection emotionally and intimately, deeply. Sex allowed us to branch off the way we communicate with each other, to appreciate each other. It showed each other why we fell for each other in the first place. It showed us what we are capable of and it continues to put a strong emphasize on how each individual is important.

Sex in fact, healthily maintains a relationship for a lifetime of pleasure and love building. The only reason Laura doesn’t think much about sex, is because sex isn’t good nor fun for her. That is why she fills in that sex-mediocrity with children, her hobbies, her work, her drama-filled world. Sex-starved people tend to use these aspects to fill in a major void in their intimate-lacking relationships with their partners.

Laura joked that we should have children. Nah, we prefer to focus on the growth and evolution of our individualism through the strength of our relationship, than to dilute that into something that will take away from that passion. I am not saying all people who have children for whatever reason, are always trying to fill a void. I am saying that having children is often a scapegoat to deter from having to face problems in a broken relationship.

If you have great kids, sure, why not, but is it worth all of that stress, endless worry, constant money-drain, all of that time-consumption, all of those setbacks that can last for years, so on and so forth? Children possibly bring other forms of joy and enlightenment too, but they are certainly not for me. Sex on the other hand, is for everyone, but when you have bad sex endlessly, then it gets ingrained into your psyche that sex isn’t worth ‘the moment of pleasure’. I’ve been a child, I’ve observed children and parenting, so having children is definitely not for me. However, I have also had sex, lots of sex, with different women. I’ve had bad sex and I’ve had great sex. I know sex can be very enjoyable and it can relieve a lot of stress. So why would I give up sex, because my frenulum ripped half a dozen times over my entire adult life? Why would I continue to play sports, if I’ve gotten a few bruises? Why would I continue to play video games, if I’ve lost a few times? Because they’re all enjoyable and give me a lifetime of great memories.

I’d say, until you’ve had pleasurable, fun, exciting sex with the right person, you can’t say having one small mishap isn’t worth a lifetime of emotional and physical pleasure. When I’m 90 with my 81 year old wife, we won’t be having sex like we used to, but we would have built a stronghold of emotional appreciation from all of the experiences we had over the decades. We would always have those experiences to look back to, when we hold each others’ hands, walking down memory lane.

To love and to cherish, my darling wife.

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