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The Way Of The Samurai


Surprised that I’m still awake? 8]

Before I go to bed, there is something bugging me. This something was a discussion Carlo and I had Saturday at Fogg N Suds.

Topic: Samurai committing hari kari (seppeku)
Carlo’s Stance: he felt that it was a coward’s way of dealing with life
My Stance: it was the code of a samurai back in the day, it is their basic core, founded and trained vision to serve their lord with their all

Anyway, I didn’t expect him to understand, and without using an ‘elitist’ tongue, I’ll simply say that life of a Samurai more than a hundred years ago and beyond – eg: during the period of the Muromachi Shogunate, Samurai served their lords until death, or until they become lordless – a Ronin. To be eligible to become a Samurai, you must be born into a noble family. From youth to the moment they die either from battle, assassination, illness, old age, or hari kari, their sole purpose was to serve their lord and master. They were bred as the servants of war. Death as it was taught to them through spiritual meditation was a part of life. It never occurred to them that there was a justification of not wanting to deal with life anymore.

Another thing that Carlo did not take into consideration is the spiritual connection they have with Death and the honor that bound them to their lord and master, their duties – failed or successful, their oaths. There wasn’t a democracy of lives. It was lord and his servants.

Basically, the mindset was different.


Something like this shouldn’t bug me, but over time, I actually felt insulted by his comments. I know he doesn’t understand and look at it in a simplistic manner, but I have to admit that I over-estimated his spiritual and honorable capacity. I am not saying he is a dishonorable person. I am saying that I thought he knew the intricacies of the life of a Samurai.


3 thoughts on “The Way Of The Samurai

  1. That figurine looks like Shredder of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (great ‘toons btw :D, Leonardo was my fave LOL)

    Personally I think the way of the Samurai is commendable because of their utmost and complete loyalty to the cause placed in their master’s hands. In modern society it seems that most would flee in the face of conflict, abandoning some sense of unity and order. Crap Engrish………. BAAAAAH

  2. YOU look like Shredder! [takes cloak off and appears from the ether] *POOF*

    I like your engrish… It’s nearly as awesome as… Who’s? WHO’S ENGRISH IS AWESOME?!?!?! [ponders] AH… ALL OF COLLEAGUES ENGRISHES ARE AWESOME LOR……

  3. If i look like Shredder, it’s cuz the punk amateur hairstylist kept messing it up! BAH! BLAST THESE MULLETS!!!!!!!

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