What is Leemanism?

Leemanism.com was registered on April 1st, 2006. It started off as a place for me to vent off the hurt, anger, and stress that resulted from a year’s worth of heartbreak. Ironically, I got the idea to start my own blog from my ex’s new fuck buddy, when I visited his site. Of course, I was an idiot for doing so, but at the very least, I got something out of it. Since then, I’ve used WordPress for almost every single web project I’ve done.

The website has gone through many versions. As of 2021-01-16, the current version, or revision as I like to call it, is Revision 17. Over the course of the nearly 15 years this blog has been around, I’ve split up the site into different themes, then merged them again repeatedly. Basically, at some points in the history of this blog, I felt that I had strayed too far out into the world and put less focus on what mattered to me, which was about my life and those around it. By the time 2011 came along, my blog dwindled and devolved into venting about political corruption, social injustice, sexism, semi-activism, and calling out hypocrisy. However, I hated that. I hated that I allowed myself to be baited into such incendiary topics. I am not saying fighting against inequality, injustice, and prejudice aren’t good things to talk about. I am saying this isn’t what Leemanism is about. I have other outlets for that sort of thing, where people will actually see my beliefs. At this blog, firstly, not too many people come here and secondly, I don’t want to invite trolls and extremists to my site.

In short, Leemanism is about me. Full stop.

Regardless, I experimented a bit recently and tried to convert Leemanism into a relationship help site, but decided that my personal brand is wasted on such a thing. So instead, I will eventually create such a site using my ThoughtRobots.com domain. However, that will come in the future when I am in the mood to do so.

As some of you may notice, all of my old entries prior to November 2020 are gone. They have been backed up and moved to my personal computer for reference. You will never see them again in their original form. However, I will revisit those old blog entries as a sort of tribute to the past.

So who is the person behind Leemanism.com?

My name is Leeman.

As of January 2021, I am 42 years of age. I am 5ft 7in tall, weigh about 145 pounds, of average build, with a slight beer belly. My right eye is mostly dysfunctional due to an intersection mishap on the first day of school in 1994. I am infertile, but I can still have sex. I take testosterone shots once every two weeks. I started doing testosterone therapy when I was about 17. This will pretty much go on for the remainder of my life.

My ethnicity is Chinese. I speak, read, and write English fluently. I speak Cantonese vaguely. I can barely understand Hakka, which is my family’s ancestral language. My Sun Sign is Capricorn. My Moon Sign is Leo. My Elemental Zodiac sign is Earth Horse.

I met my wife Amber as a penpal at Interpals in 2010, flew over to see her in 2012, and got married in Germany in 2013. My friend since childhood, Patrick was my best man and photographer. His dad, Uncle Dick came with us, and generously gifted the plane ticket to me. I wanted more of my close friends to come to my wedding, but it was far away and it would have been costly, as well as scheduling would have been tough for them.

My wife and I, since late 2020, are in a semi-open relationship. You can read more about that here: Our Semi-Open Marriage.

At one time, I had a pretty awesome bio about myself. One of my old time readers remarked that she was enchanted by my thoughts, thought process, beliefs, and feelings. However, I no longer have that version of my About Me page and actually, it doesn’t matter so much. I think it’s better that people just either get to know me, or end up interpreting the type of person I am just from reading my blog posts. Accuracy of my character isn’t important from strangers. I will get flamed for something, one way or another. Rarely do people fall for me. Mostly, they just read my stuff and form a monotone idea of me. Of course, even if people see me as one or two colours, ultimately, I am really a shade or gradient. It depends on many different transitional factors.

I know you from somewhere else

You may have seen me briefly at Quora.com. I was listed as Top 10 Most Viewed member for their Relationship category in 2018. Not bad, considering I was up against millions of accounts. Alas, while I adored the concept of Quora.com, I eventually left the site because of its Paid Partner Program which resulted in an insane amount of Q&A spam. The PPP resulted in a huge influx of cookie cutter questions with sock puppet accounts creating answers to those cookie cutter questions. Which meant that whoever was posting up those questions, weren’t genuinely seeking answers. They posted up questions for a broad range of categories for the sole purpose of trying to get paid. Quora sucks shit.

So you’re a relationship coach?

I am not a relationship coach. I am not a relationship counselor. I am just a guy whose had quite a bit of experience dealing with varying relationships, as well as sought out by various people over the decades with their own relationship issues. I can be quite outspoken, blunt, to-the-point, and a bit cold at times to how I approach problems. Most people express empathy and sugar coated fluff. I don’t. I read a massive wall of text and most of the time, can immediately see the main problem. I go after that main problem with thunder and lightning, instead of trying to reign people in with padded straitjackets while feeding them super sweetened honey bombs of empathetic consideration.

A lot of people rate my advice as poor, because they want to see empathy instead of straight-to-the-point criticism and advice. They want the advice that cater to their own petty feelings of revenge for those whom have wronged them, adoration for being where they are, and that they are in the right. Fuck it. A lot of the time, they can’t even see pass their own egotism and aren’t actually seeking answers to their problems. They’re seeking confirmation that their method, their frame of mind, their decisions are the absolutely correct ones.

Amber may contribute a bit by reading and commenting on my posts specific to the relationship advice I give. She will either disagree and educate with her own perspectives, or agree and give further insight. Think of her as the person keeping me in check, adding some humanity to my cold bluntness, and to show others a more humanistic way of reading my opinions and advice.

In short, I can be an asshole. Amber smacks me upside my head, turns to you, and tells you, “This is actually what he meant…” ♥

It seems you have done quite a bit of traveling

Mostly by accident, in the sense that everything I did was primarily through someone else’s purpose for me to do so. It wasn’t because I decided to go there one day. It was primarily because a friend wanted a wedding abroad, or my girlfriend just so happens to be in a different country, or something along those lines.

The following is a list of places I’ve been to as of 2021-01-16. The cities listed means I spent most of my time in and around those places.

  • Germany: Frankfurt, Kiel, Munich for a layover, Schoenberg, Schwartbuck.
  • The United States: Florida, Washington state, Fort Worth in Texas for a layover.
  • Canada: Ontario (Metro Toronto), Alberta (Calgary, Lake Louise), all over Lower Mainland in B.C.
  • China: Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing/Shanghai for layovers.
  • The Caribbean: Nassau, St. Maartin’s, Bahamas.
  • While in the plane, I witnessed the incredible beauty of Japan and Mount Fuji.

Before you enter...

Leemanism should not be read in the sense that its blog posts are announcements to the public. Instead, Leemanism should be read in the sense that its blog posts gives the visitor the privilege and permission to access thoughts that are usually shared with close friends and confidants. While my blog is public, it was only done so to give people that care to read my thoughts, open access.

Of course, I won’t be revealing everything here and just a few basics that I feel need to be said, since I rarely speak with my close friends these days. Unless you have something useful to say to me, your arguments on my choice of words in my own blog, will result in a snicker and I will most likely ignore you. Also, I have ads in my blog. Don’t like it? Don’t believe in it? Then this site isn’t for you. AdBlock doesn’t work here.

Left-wing activists would hate my blog, because it’s not a padded straitjacket cell for the politically correct. Right-wing activists would hate my blog, because it’s a demonfest of lust and lewdness.

In other words, if you’re a sensitive snowflake who is offended by everything, then you should GTFO. ^_^