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A Short Ride With Laura


We can almost be twins… Hmmm, I just noticed… Spongey – stop slouching!

The last couple of weeks was straight work, and the last week had been nearly no gaming too! [sobs] With that said, I got my lazy ass out of my work for a couple of hours and picked Laura up from her place around noon, drove her down and had a short ride half way down the Shell Trail. It was a very nice day but there was wind chill and that killed my ear drums. The constant erection also didn’t help which made me light-headed, and no damn it, it had nothing to do with staring at her massively fine ass while we biked.

Notes for next time:
– get more than 2 hours of sleep – preferrably around 6 to 8
– eat a bigger breakfast
– wear a toque
– mb twice before riding
– plug ears and hum loudly when Laura or any female attempt to describe sweat beads rolling down between large breasts

After I dropped Laura off, I went home, went straight into work and then fell asleep by 6pm and woke up this morning around 3am. 9 hours. NINE HOURS! So today, since this morning, straight work. Ray’s been emailing me loads, and I have to catch up on par with Lon and Jay too. Who would have thought that three hours out of my work schedule would be so chaotic in the afterward eh? EH?!?!


2 thoughts on “A Short Ride With Laura

  1. You two should have babies together,they will be so cute…………….BTW ,no I will e mail you my thoughts later.

  2. You know Ariel? You and Spongey should have babies together. I highly encourage it! 8D I’m sure they will be the cutest babies ever! 8]

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