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Hong Kong 2007 – Part 3 of 3


Sorry. My long awaited entry for the last Hong Kong 2007 photo entry set took awhile. However, here it is in all it’s glorious might! ^o^

Hong Kong 2007 – The City That Never Sleeps – CLICK HERE
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Hong Kong 2007 – Part 3 of 3 – CLICK HERE


^^ This is the crossover station between the KCR and MTR lines at Tai Wai. My 5th Aunt lives about 15 to 20 minute walking distance from there.



^^ Doesn’t it look like Christina is looking up Ed’s nostril? What could possibly be that interesting?





^^ This was on our way to Tsim Tsa Tsui to see the Christmas light show across the harbour.




^^ Kinda creepy eh?


^^ I loved this view because it happened right around the corner. I wasn’t expecting anything but the sudden mega-city lighted culture blew me away. I have the 1600×1200 resolution picture of all these images. I’ll show them to you when you come over.



^^ There were some orchestic music playing loudly somewhere nearby and the lights were in-sync with it. There was a huge long crowd for roughly two kilometres along the pier. I thought, “This is Hong Kong. The city that never sleeps.”




^^ I know. The pictures are blurry. First, I didn’t bring a tripod. Second, my camera is a point and shoot digital camera. Third, I don’t have the skill nor the equipment to take professional pictures.


^^ So I used my mom’s head as a tripod…


^^ I chilled during the morning in the day before our flight back to Hong Kong. That’s the view I have from my bed. You probably can’t really tell, but that reddish building in the distance is one of the train stations and beyond that is my grandma’s place. As Pat can tell, the lighting of the room is way off because of the direct light into the camera from the outside ‘masking’ the light in the room.


^^ And here is the correct lighting. Indeed, Brandon was sitting on the chair on the left of the above image.



^^ Brandon and I made up a comic book idea. It’s called “The Adventures of Super I-Forgot-My-Alias & Barbecue Boy”. It has a nice ring to it. I thought we would mask our real names with our backward names.


^^ Some odd looking creatures – mascots of the Beijing Olympics 2008.


^^ A nice park and our hotel on the right.




^^ A nice park full of carp. PARK FULL OF CARP!!!


^^ I thought this was a wicked coincidence. Don’t ask. It just was.



^^ Would you believe this cat is not the same as the one in the previous two pictures? The old lady beside us kept giggling that I was taking pictures of this cat. I took many that day. Too many I think. [ponders] No, it’s never too many.


^^ Rare shots of your’s truly.


^^ One very consistent thing within my family on my mom’s side with the females is this: dinner is a terrible place for the guys. Most of us eat in silence while these ladies dig in ferociously. Only booze gets the guys rowdy. The women are always food rowdy. Look at how much stuff is stuffed inside Christina’s cheeks! You know my 7th Aunt? She eats so damn much. HOLY crap so much.


^^ The night before my flight back to Canada in my room.


^^ Indeed, like the time I spent in Macau in 2006, I also left my mark here. Mind you, I still won’t tell you what I wrote then. However, this time I wrote “Leeman was here 12/14 – 12/30/2007 (”. If you find me there, you will find me here. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter anyway. ^_~


^^ More strange creatures. The green one is much cuter. “Why Blue One? Why do you block the view of the Green One? Why?”

I also just realized after submitting and looking through this entry, that it wasn’t a boat they were sitting on. It’s a piece of taro. Fools!



^^ My room was the one 6th from the top and 2nd from the left.



^^ The other side of the airport.






^^ That is indeed The Rogers’ Towers or Metrotown as most of you know by that name. You can’t see it from here, but we were actually flying over Cambie Road close to where my house is. I completely miscalculated the time to land, but besides that, I didn’t quite expect it to be super sunny since reports from days before was “snowing heavily”.


^^ And finally, my photo greeting for a Happy New 2008 Year to everyone. Which mind you, somehow, only 20% of the people got it or rather, only 5% of them replied back and the other 15% phoned or texted me back.

That concludes my trip to and from Hong Kong in late 2007.

I would like to take this time to thank Big Bro, my family, and everyone involved in the making of this production. Credits go to you, my viewers and supporters. I am simply a canvas.


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