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Alice Lake Biking 2006 August 3rd


[“Beyond Raging Waves” by DJ Krush]

It’s nice that the form boxes for WordPress doesn’t ‘cache’ text when I mistakenly press a link to load out of this area… DAMN YOU WORDPRESS!

Anyway, so yesterday, I woke up at 7:45am, but due to some ‘problems’, we didn’t get to Squamish until 1pm, and didn’t actually start riding until 2pm. Sometime around 3:30pm, Albert and Jenny started getting pissed off about the ride. Then 4pm came along and Albert was near-blowing up, and Jenny was dying because she was sick from a viral cold of some sort. We got back to the Alice Lake camp grounds around 5pm, had our massively late lunch, made a silly video about nipples and then dropped the bike back at Tantalus 10 minutes before 6pm. Then the long and arduous journey back to Vancouver…

Pat and I will be taking the entire ride in two weeks time. We’ll definitely try to start early, probably around 8am to meet up, 10am to start, then possibly ride until around 2 or 3pm, then head back to the lake, and back to Ditchmond by 5pm or maybe we’ll catch something to eat at Squamish, then head back to LML by 7 or 8pm.


One thought on “Alice Lake Biking 2006 August 3rd

  1. That Fillerup Guy is SMOKIN’ HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tssssssssssssssssss* Is it hot in here or is it just HIM?!!! LOL

    The “The Leeman” pic is fantastic! Great smile… *smile*

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