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The Chief Peak 2006 July 29th


^^ At Peak 2 – Back to Front: Patrick, Freddy, Isis, Emery, Mike, Leeman (duh!), Albert, Jenny, and Emma. Missing: Lovely and the other guy whom I don’t remember the name to.

[“Who’s The Man” by House Of Pain]

Sorry, I wanted to enter this sooner, but sore thighs, mood swings, work stress, sexual frustration, and crap made me lazy. It’s Thursday, and guess what? I have the following to do by Sunday:

1. Pacific Telescope – Photokina 2006 Video (For a convention @ Germany in September)
2. Razor Technology – Corporate Web Site v3.0
3. Carolyn Stern & Associates – Marketing Web Site v3.0 framework
4. The Blue Monkey – Web Site v3.0 total revamp

You know? When things seem to be closing up for the season, new stuff just fly by and hit me square in the face (and then some). [drops to my knees and throws arms in the air] WHY?!?!?!

[“Informer” by Snow]

Ah what was that? 1992? 1993?

Anyway, this entry wasn’t supposed to be about that… As far as dismal goes (ref: Spongey’s email), yeah, it did seem that way. Just a bit moody over the last few days. My – well, not MY company, but the company that I have partnership in is moving in the ‘right’ direction slowly, and it’s giving me anxiety that it’s inching so slowly. I know, I know… These things take time, but damn, I’m 27 you know? I want to be top 30 under 30… [laughs] 8]

At least top 40 under 40… [wink]

Imagine that eh? Imagine we get bought out for $250 million… Wow… That’s $30 million in my pockets… [laughs excitedly]



7 thoughts on “The Chief Peak 2006 July 29th

  1. 1) Nice cover picture (but it makes Pat look like he’s half Charlie Chaplain, half frog)
    2) Re: you entering Albert, for some reason, I would have thought it’d be the other way around!
    3) I’m jealous of the weather there, I’d swap your 18C over my 35C anyday!!!
    4) When I get the chance, I’m sending you a SUPER YUMMILICIOUS picture of a dude here that’ll make you explode instantaneously!!! ^^

  2. 1) Half frog? Sure! Frog Prince? [whispers] How about Frog Queen? (Tabby’s reading this! Let’s get him horny! He might turn toad!)

    2) Nah, Albert’s my bitch! MY BITCH! CALL MY NAME! CALL MY NAME BITCH! He loves it. [wink]

    3) Me too. I’m jealous of the weather here! Oh oh oh! My eye’s been twitching all day you see – not sure what’s the cause but… [winking]

    4) Like will I cream drench my computer when I see his pic?!?!?! [explodes in excitement]

  3. HAHAHAHAHA you never fail to make me laugh. One of your best traits fo sho! Forgot to add that your new frames are lookin’ quite snazzy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1) Ha! Don’t corrupt the poor thing!!
    3) I think it’s the rain ๐Ÿ˜‰
    4) YES AND MORE!!!!!!!! People within a 1km radius better suit up for “torrential rains”!!!!

  4. HAHAHA! NICE! [ahem] Captain Tabby needs to be corrupted a little. [pinches fingers] Just a little… [perverse look]

  5. Oh yeah, and wow, you actually noticed the new glasses! Yeah I got them a few months ago. They are feather light, but damn it, Cindy broke my 1st pair of shades which I had to replace last month finally. I don’t go for designer glasses, but those damn plastic shades cost me $100! That’s $200 total! BLEH!

  6. That’s actually not too bad!! They do look feather light and they illuminate your face! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorta like the sun…. THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!! Which would only mean you compliment THE MOON(S)PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!! My current frames that I bought were more than 200CAD >

  7. Well you’re lucky! LUCKY! I’m super considering getting thick framed glasses next time, like those thick dark ones, possibly all plastic and light. These ones I have cost me friggin $400 for the frames and $100 for the damn shades. MY GOSH LEEMAN! WHY?!?!?! WHY IS THE MOON?!?!?!

    Anyway, new pics and a video from our Squamish mountain biking trip coming very soon…!!! 9]

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