Dreaming in Technicolour

Looking For My Shoulder Pads

Since about three weeks ago, I went back to playing WoW with Amber and recently have been looking into Transmog sets for my Shaman and Paladin. I spent hours looking for something that fits with my Shaman and remembered something I had a long time ago that I liked. Alas, I couldn’t loot it since the shoulder pad lookalike dropped from dungeon bosses on a low %. I retired to bed and had a long chain of dreams where I looked for those specific shoulder pads. I went to a store, a shopping centre, a cafe, a chest, a toy store, a room, a closet or wherever else, I visited many places, traveled on boat, ferry, plane, train, bike, car, bus and so on and so forth.

In each dream segment, it was a place with a short story attached to it. In each segment however, my wife was there, but always outside the establishment or thing I went into. For example, I would head into a shop that sold Chinese antiques and trinkets and Amber would be right outside the entrance, at a street food stall selling fried pancake balls. At the Hot Air Balloon field, she was the one who prepared the Hot Air Balloon basket. At the airport, she was the airline clerk who checked my ticket and passport. In all of these scenarios, she and I would greet each other normally. For example, at the food stall, she waved at me with a smile. At the Hot Air Balloon field, she gave me a kiss and told me “good luck”. At the airport, we kissed each other before she waved me off.

In the antique shop scenario, there was a moment I saw a three inch tall version of Laura disguised as a goldfish swimming inside a large goldfish bowl that was half full of water. A fisherman toy was sitting on the top edge of the goldfish bowl dangling a wire with a Bible attached to its end, where the hook should be, but it’s above the water just a bit out of her reach. This segment of the dream lasted a split moment, as my goal was to look for the shoulder pads, but I remembered this vividly. I remember that she looked really silly wearing the goldfish costume. She was completely nude and her legs were sticking out of the costume. For some reason, I focused on her legs because in the dream, she had really nice looking legs. Also, she looked happy, as if she was content to her environment.

In another part of the dream, I was waiting at a train station at a busy place. The buildings were close together, with lots of wires and clothesline strung from one place to another. The buildings looked worn and old, but strong and steady. It was sunny and in the morning. I stood at the station with a long heavy coat and a tall collar. It was cold and I could see my breath in the air. An old peddler walked by speaking in a language I didn’t understand. I was waiting for the train to take me to my next stop and kept turning my head every few seconds to see if the train was coming. I wasn’t looking at the scene from first person. I was looking at it from the second person, as if I was standing right next to myself. Posters were all over the place and in some of them, I recognized the person. She is a model I dated a long time ago. As I glanced at those posters, I thought, “She turned out well.”

Then as the train arrived, the doors opened and an ocean of people walked out of the train but not one bumped into me. As if they automatically noticed me and made enough room to walk by me without disturbing me. As I got onto that train, I noticed a smell (not that I can actually smell in dreams) that was familiar. So I quickly turned and looked back as the doors closed. I noticed that woman in those posters that walked and melted into the crowd. In that instant, I thought, “Our last kiss wasn’t really that memorable.”

Anyhow, the dream was inconclusive. I didn’t find the shoulder pads. Then I told this dream to Amber and we ran some low level raids together. Guess what? The shoulder pads dropped from a boss she looted! O_O She gave them to me and now I have the same shoulder pads I dreamed about!

So the question is: why in the nine cat hells did I not bring Amber along in my search for the shoulder pads? She could probably have found them for me in my dream. ^_^

Image source: http://unodu.deviantart.com

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