The Voyage Home

It has been awhile. Some of you, who still visit from time to time, might wonder where the rest of my posts have gone. They have been moved to I didn’t have the motivation, nor the inspiration toRead More

Cactus Club

2:03pm Interesting read on Cacti – LINK. When Erica sent me that Eggplant link, that was okay, but I like ‘odd’ things like Cacti and deep sea fish… 2:16pm

I Prefer At Least Size 8

1:26pm I’m speaking of girls here between 5-3 and 5-6. Seriously, when any of my ex’s say they wanted to be slimmer or they wanted to diet on friggin leaves and water, I was like, “NO! Are you fuckedRead More


2:34am To celebrate this moment of randomness, I would like to present two pictures of Spongey. Anyone would like to agree to COGNAC OVER TEA?!?!?! Not that it has anything to do with Spongey or Sponge or Sponge Cake…Read More

Tissue Paper Ghosts

1:30pm So I went for my chest examination today. The receptionist from Dr. Tsang’s office also works at the Radiology place. Pretty cute girl I have to add. I even thought as I waited that she’s a lot moreRead More

Point Of Departure

1:00am [“Gentle Rays” by Naoshi Mizuta] What’s up with the influx of constant new entries lately? Haha, just a lot on my mind bottled up for far too long that should be about time to release them. I wasRead More

Beyond Raging Waves II

10:25pm [“Univearth” by DJ Krush w/Tetsuro Naito] It has been about a month and a half since I used a chain of curses, but I wish to vent my bottled up anger here. Living with my parents have alwaysRead More

Expand Your Mind

12:07am [“Expand Your Mind” by No Noise] Looking through my collection of high-res digital photos of the GVRD depresses me every time. I thought – how beautiful it is in a city from the outside-in, yet how ugly itRead More

Minato Dragon Roll (Updated)

1:54am [“Sanctus Kihaku” by Kunihiko Ryo] Bed time soon. My back’s been killing me. I haven’t had a ‘proper’ massage for… [ponders] …more than 5 months. Hmmm… Yes. Minato on the corner plaza of Oak and W. Broadway –Read More

Carlo & Donna And Then Some

11:05pm [“Fuzzy Kittens” by Super Massive Blackholes] So August 26th finally came and went. There was really nothing to it, though I do embarrassingly admit that I tried avoiding the washroom because it was right next to their table.Read More

The Empress Of Kei

1:15am [“Junigenmukyoku” by Hari Kunihiko] It’s not every day, nor night, that an individual can learn to revisit their core-self, passed all the poisons of the world. I confess that there are many temptations of every type that haveRead More

Jonathan’s Stuffings

3:38am I’ve noticed though my swearing has gone down considerably compared to a couple of months ago, my sexual vulgarity has gone up. Must be all the 30+ year old women in my wake… [wink] Right, so some picsRead More

Random Blues

1:25am [“Bla” by The Dining Rooms] You know, I don’t think this is the real name for this song… 8o Spongey, I got your text message at 7:30am yesterday. [sighing and yawning in your general direction] Did you getRead More

Spongey Muffins

8:15pm (Ref: to Spongey’s first comment for THIS entry) Hahahahaha… No, I rather go and pick you up cuz that means I don’t have to go to work. I’ll get come get you, and if you want lunch orRead More

A Million Miles Inside

2:17am [“Numero Deux” by The Dining Rooms] I finally finished Zipang, after being introduced to it more than two months ago. An excellent alternate historical story based around a Japanese cruiser from the 21st century that got transported backRead More

Lacy Panties

4:47am [“Like That” by (can someone tell me the musician?)] (Ref: to my last entry) But sometimes, I can’t help but do it anyway. [laughs maniacally] It just goes to show that some old and bad habits are reallyRead More

The Kokanee Sasquatch

1:33am [“Sirius 909” by Romolo di Prisco] I was just thinking that back when I was younger, I wasn’t really a good person – not that I was a bad person, but just not really that great of aRead More

You Sang To Me

1:16am Tune: “You Sang To Me” by Marc Anthony [audio:ma_yousangtome.mp3] A few months after Virginia gave up on me, I heard this song play on the stereo. The lyrics didn’t click until around late August 2000. All the whileRead More

Reavers Weave Madness In Leeman

5:33pm My day-job boss called me around 10:50am, telling me not to go to work. SHE YELLED AND SCREAMED AND THREW A MASSIVE FIT SAYING THAT THE COMPANY SUCKS AND ETC, and hung up on me then called meRead More

Squamish Mountain Biking (Updated)

4:31pm [“Beyond Raging Waves” by DJ Krush] It’s nice that the form boxes for WordPress doesn’t ‘cache’ text when I mistakenly press a link to load out of this area… DAMN YOU WORDPRESS! Anyway, so yesterday, I woke upRead More

I Must Be Pretty Blind

9:49pm [“Ryûun no pavane” by Kunihiko Ryo] Pat, Emma, Jenny, Albert, and I will be heading out to Squamish for some cycling tomorrow morning. Hopefully the swell in my left wrist will go down by then. Right, so IRead More

Who’s The Man?

9:30pm [“Who’s The Man” by House Of Pain] Okay, this is a strange concept for me okay? But, this started when Anthony started calling me “Adorable Man” early this year. He’s an entertaining person who also knows my brother.Read More

The Chief Peak 2

12:27am ^^ At Peak 2 – Back to Front: Patrick, Freddy, Isis, Emery, Mike, Leeman (duh!), Albert, Jenny, and Emma. Missing: Lovely and the other guy whom I don’t remember the name to… If you want a higher resolutionRead More

Walking On Stones In A Pond

1:22am [“Paper Doll” by PM Dawn] As I have tonight’s glass of De Bortoli, I wanted to reply to Erica’s email from yesterday morning, but due to both my thighs being sore from all the down-hill hike we didRead More

Super Kawaii

3:46am This part of the entry is actually a cut and paste of the password protected one. I want to share these pics with u all… 8] Right, so I’ve been watching a ‘new’ anime recently called Azumanga Daioh.Read More

The 37 Views of Mount Fuji

2:24am Indeed Katsushika Hokusai actually made 36 wood-block prints of Mount Fuji, but this entry isn’t about Mount Fuji in its actuality, nor is it really about Hokusai. I remember back in Fine Arts 11, I did a presentationRead More

Pacific Spirit With Albert & Jenny

2:51pm About an hour before I go into work-mode. I have a major short-video production I need to create for work tomorrow. Yes, as usual, leave it to the last moment to complete it. So yesterday, I went toRead More

I Guess…

…it was never meant to be. I think, if this was anybody else, they would have been super pissed off. ‘Oddly’, maybe Heaven does really object to ‘this’. Maybe, whatever CT there might be, is hindering my ‘progression’. HowRead More

The Way Of The Samurai

3:48am Surprised that I’m still awake? 8] Before I go to bed, there is something bugging me. This something was a discussion Carlo and I had Saturday at Fogg N Suds. Topic: Samurai committing hari kari (seppeku) Carlo’s Stance:Read More

Teary Eyed Girls

10:40pm [“Velveteen” by Yoko Kanno] As I was riding home from the gym a few minutes ago, I was thinking that a lot of my female friends have been heart-broken in the recent months. Then as I was turningRead More

200 Miles Between Us

3:51am < "Cloud Age Symphony" from the Last Exile OST> While I was watching the last hour of Eight Below, I realized that today is the morning of July 15th. Today is the start of the Seattle to PortlandRead More

Random Cheetos

2:34am Most designers you might meet will have some of the most high-end creative stuff known to humankind – 8+ megapixel digital cameras, cell phones capable of making 2+ MP video, play mp3 and wma files, mainly Apple computersRead More

Super Massive Blackholes

2:15am A huge fascination of mine since childhood was the idea of super massive blackholes. In my early teens, I even developed my own super long term sci-fi story, that I am still working on today. It’s an ongoingRead More

Spongey Cake

4:41pm BTW Spongey… You have officially overwhelmed me with your massive flood of emails. WHERE DO I START?! WHERE DO I START?!?! That is all. 4:42am

I Want To Be Old Man Too

Acronyms galore! For the oldies, did you know that many teens nowadays actually literally say “LOL” as a part of their day to day conversations with their friends? Pretty disgusting isn’t it? Anyway, here’s something unrelated by Cyril TheRead More

Dla Ma Ta Jo

1:19am [“Santi-U (Macross Plus DVD Main Menu Version)” by Yoko Kanno] The title of this entry means “If you give up your body, it will drown.” I’ve always loved the sound of cannons firing. I am definity a fighterRead More

What Is My Job?

1:47pm People often ask me, “What exactly do you do?” I usually just say, “I am a designer of sorts.” Actually, that is only partially true. Taken from this forum: LINK – this is what a Creative Director does:

Life Path

1:31am GALLERY section has been updated. Just go to Gallery, then click on a picture to view the album. If u want to make a comment just click on the “>_

Sayonnara For Now

1:57am [“la, la maladie du sommeil” – Ichiko Hashimoto] 2 hours of sleep, wake up in 2.5… Hike to Garibaldi Lake and climb up to the chimney on Black Tusk. If I don’t make it back alive, simply said…Read More

More Than 3cm’s

1:42am [“Get Away From You” – Terra De Sol] As my work files render to 300DPI for tomorrow’s (Thursday) print job, I’ll take this chance to enter tonight’s entry. I contemplated whether to restart my private journals again, asRead More

The Nationstate of Emma

12:15am “Weenerschnitzle” and “Twinginberries” seems to be Pat’s two most spoken ‘words’. I lucka no speek engrish. [implodes] Boy are my quads sore! I cycled for 15 minutes and then did my round of gym exercises for about 30Read More

Why Must The Kitty Come Back?

2:50am Anyone know “The Cat Came Back” song? …But the cat came back the very next day The cat came back, they thought he was a goner But the cat came back, he just wouldn’t stay away… Anyway, IRead More

The CBC Trio

7:41pm …no, not really. I resent how some people refer me to as “Asian” or “Chinese”. They can call me “Chink Boy” or “Slanted-Eyed Yellow Turd”, so I can smack them plenty, but calling me “Asian” or “Chinese” isRead More

Perfect Partner

1:31pm Linz recently posted up a thread on DC what our perfect partner would be. Their usual answers were “loyal, sexy, intelligent, etc”. Well, I went a step further. These aren’t exact, as the chemistry output of a personRead More

A Look Inside

1:58am [“Bornotto B” – Protogroup] This will most likely be very weird for most people who stumble here. However, I’ll make an explanation before I enter this. Since I have always believed text and scripted words are primitive inRead More

Trials And Tribulations

3:17am Starting tomorrow, I will be transferred from the OS&O Gunboat to the Pacific Corvette. Damn, that means no more dicking around. The crew there will be a lot stricter and duller. This means no more music, and noRead More

The Way You Dream Sometimes

1:27am [“Deep Reflections” – Blended] I feel so dried-out that I haven’t ridden my bike since Saturday, and haven’t gone to the gym since Friday. [sigh] So I finally went and cancelled all of my accounts with sites thatRead More

Tour De Patrick

2:15pm I can already feel this entry will be kinda long. So before I type away I will remind myself that I have quite a few injuries from yesterday’s ride. I’ll make this short. We left Pat’s place aroundRead More

Tour De Patrick Pre-Ride

9:50pm Jeebus! I AM SO TIRED and SO SORE! Woke up at 8:50am, got dropped off at Pat’s around 9:15am, got ready, etc, then headed out by 10am. We took the wrong road looking for Angus Road in VancouverRead More

Wanna Come With Me?

1:41am [“Stronger” – Sugababes] It’s time I go back to being myself after such a long a tedious journey. If you’re wondering, it’s not that I wasn’t myself, it’s just that I lost something along the way. It’s numbingRead More

Star Wars Galaxies A Final Time

1:25am [“Cantome” – Cosmopole] Another day passed without anything done. Boring it is, when everyone else is either busy or out of the province, or married and have gf’s and wives to cater to. Wives… However, I did manageRead More

Cloud Age Symphony

2:12am [“Toki No Tabiji” – DJ Krush, ft. Inden] Mr. Krush never cease to churn out some raging orgasmic sounds from his machines. So an update on my stuff. How boring. [thumb up] Got off my day job atRead More

Orange Juice @ 1:34am

[“Infinity” – Vargo] I think I am hopelessly lost in the realm of intimate emotions. I wasn’t willing to let go and this is where it got me. I thought I would be stronger than this, but as IRead More

Star Wars Galaxies And Then Some

7:46pm [“Inside Of Me” – Madonna] Hmm… No no no… [“The Imperial March” – Star Wars Empire At War OST] Ah, much better. 8] Ever since I had a chance to play games like Star Wars (Amiga/Commodore 65), F-15Read More

Milk From Dairyland

11:35pm I’ve been tricked! Upon closer inspection, this is 4 litres of Dairy Glen milk! [waves fist] It tastes a lot better than Lucerne though. Lucerne milk tastes like a cow just gave birth and some of its birth-juices/slimeRead More

It Was

12:50am [“Structure Two” – Phoenelai (LINK)] This song sounds like one of my older ones. You know? I wish I can go back to tracking music. I think it would make me be a bit happier. It might evenRead More

Moby Dick & Cindy

12:27pm [“Looking For The Sun” – Strange Flower] I wanted to name this entry “Cindy Dick” but people might mistake that as something else. Plus, it’s a stupid name for an entry. I had another dream about Cindy. AlthoughRead More

Leeman The Lesser Of The Eight Evils

1:02pm According to the Christian faith, the 7 sins are: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. According Leemanism, in accordance to the 7 sins, “Leeman” should be the 8th sin… [laughs] [ponders] Or rather, should I beRead More

The Tabby

6:24pm I am odd at times, I admit, but I must stress that ever since mid-day, I’ve been a little obssessed with The Tabby. Not Pat the Tabby, but Tabby the fuzzy gray cat. The word “Tabby” sounds veryRead More

The Gray From The White

3:02am [“Gate Crashers @ 56:00” (CD2)] The single memory I remember from when I was a bit more than a year was lying in between my mom and my dad in bed at night. I was awake for someRead More

Cycling @ the YVR

3:18am [“Trilogie Part 2” by ATB] Just a quicky before I go to bed – have to wake up two hours earlier today. So what’s that? about 5-6 hours of sleep. Yum. Another nice ride with Pat yesterday fromRead More

Stand Alone Complex

12:32am [“Inner Universe” by Yoko Kanno] Today was a pretty hot day. When I was driving home from work, geez, I was wondering how people can survive in this weather – how people in Hong Kong can survive inRead More

The Last Few Steps

3:17am [“Kirara” by Eitetsu Hayashi & Kaoru Wada] This song doesn’t really suit my mood at the moment, but I put it on to help create a nostalgic feeling. Unfortunately, it’s not working. This is probably due to theRead More

The Fisherman’s Challenge

1:22pm Everyone knows that ‘unfortunately’ I am a fishing maniac. When I wasn’t fishing, I had other fishermen (generic word that also incorporate fisher-women) ‘fish’ for/with me. For as long as I remember, as young as I could, fishingRead More

Like Prana

3:27am [“Like Prana” by Afterlife] Gorgeous beats, as usual… 8] Come on, if you go through my musical selection, I have THE BEST selection of house, jazz, and ambient trip hop. [sigh] I miss my company days… Those nights,Read More

Fate & Destiny

11:14pm [“ChillHouse Mix 2 (CD1)” – Cafe Del Mar] Very delicious beats. 8] The FTX team is on high-gear at the moment. A dozen emails has been passed back and forth since yesterday. Benny and Jason will be comingRead More

Voices in the Wind

1:27am [“Voices” by Yoko Kanno] The last few weeks has been quite productive. The last of the FTX UI is under way. I feel tired. It’s about time the FTX project comes to a close. After dawdling (on myRead More

Meow Meow Mode

4:55pm Dagnabbit! I’ve been stuck in Meow Meow Mode for the last month and a bit! Quickly, someone knock some sense into me! Yes, what WOULD he do?

Eternally Beautiful

11:22pm Work mode coming on in about an hour. Just chilling. Came back from a work-out. Pat allowed me to increase weights on four exercises. It was a pretty good sweaty work-out. I noticed that it’s more relaxing withRead More

Unstable Mountain

1:19am [“Time Is The Healer (Armin Van Buuren Remix)” – Riva] Another day passes, and another day starts. ‘Time’ is moving so fast. Yet not at the same time. Almost like an oxymoron eh? I’ve been meaning to enterRead More


1:44am “I had to be free, had to be free, is all that I wanted.” I really like the lyrics to this song. I’ve been listening to it the most tonight and yesterday. So what gives? What do youRead More

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

2:40am (Listening “Free” by Sarah Brightman) This weekend was extra extra slow for some reason. The two weeks before that was zooming fast. Then it abruptly slowed down to a near-standstill. The hours drifted by as if the hourglassRead More

Before I Go To Bed

2:46am (Listening to a song by Andy Lau – still don’t know the name to it damn it) WinRar finally finished compressing and splitting Cindy’s massive 2.2 gig folder up into five 420 meg files. Well, I mean itRead More


8:26pm This entry is named in honor of one of my favorite songs by Massive Attack. (An hour and a half later…) I went out for a 20 minute bike ride, came back changed, stuff, then Pat called meRead More

Black & Red

1:57am (Playing “Beyond Raging Waves (With Shinichi Kinoshita)” by DJ Krush) I like this one particular piece from DJ Krush. I don’t want to explain why though. Let’s just say, it reminds me of my duties now with helpRead More


1:59am (Playing “The Tune” by Url) Yumminess! I’m having my nightly dose of a shot and a half of Malibu and some sort of citrus surprise. Gotta try to be in bed by 2:15am LATEST! So supposedly, I’m aRead More

Summer In June

2:42am Since I was hoping to get some leads on Virginia’s new contact info, I loaded up some super old emails from 1998 to 2002. Back in the day, I used Mail Warrior to read my emails. Anyway, IRead More

Tea Girl

10:10pm Came back from work around 5:27pm. My dad loves to stay within the speed limit, which is a good thing. It takes him about 23 minutes to drive about 2 kilometres. On a good morning, it takes meRead More

After Eight’s Martini

The other night – Saturday April 1st, I went to Savage Driving Range with Edmund. It was about 8pm, and it was freakin cold for some ungodly reason! The whole time I thought, while I listened to Ed driveRead More

Cindy The Fox

I was just going through some of her things when my mind drifted to last last Friday night… Then I became really angry, because… Yes, this… AND FUCKING JUST FOR THE RECORD… This is the email I sent toRead More

An Old Conversation

An excerpt from my MSN conversation with Albert on April 26th 2005: Albert says: She said, “You mentioned that you wanted to walk behind me or beside me to prove yourself that I can rely on you…I think youRead More

Being Played

Ah, now I get it… Yeah I’m slow. I was thinking (not actively) about how Cindy was treating me and came to the conclusion that she was trying to break me. I remember on Saturday 25th this month, weRead More

The WoW Theory

Actually, there is no ‘WoW Theory’. It’s real. Oh yeah! It’s VERY REAL! Carlo called me ‘out of the blue’ earlier today, to see how I was, etc. We went out to Big River Red (or something like that)Read More

Finding My Rest

Well, as ‘most of you’ have known since reading my friggin MASSIVE email that I sent to Donna yesterday, I have been ‘busy’ since March 2005. I know I have neglected the majority of my friends and family. ItRead More

Last Kiss Goodbye

11:22am, March 25th I was just over at her house about 25 minutes ago. Just came home. I went over to her house around 6pm yesterday (Friday, 24th), sat and talked for a bit, molested/caressed her for a bit,Read More

Broken Principles

10:07am This goes against everything I believe in. I am indefinitely a weak, retarded fool. I also feel extremely bad for doing this – even moreso depressed now. I am indeed very weak to allow her to continue toRead More

Missing Her Plenty

It has been only 1.5 days. I miss her a lot, but I’m not nearly as devastated as I was back in mid April 2005. This time, the difference being I am/was sick and tired of the way sheRead More

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