Dear Leeman

For awhile, I have been wrestling with dozens of thoughts. For awhile, I have been struggling to find the willpower to load up to post up those thoughts, because there is a large part of me that doesn’t feel like doing it. Just nowRead More

Feminism is about receiving the same opportunities

A lot of people get this wrong. Right off the bat, when they hear or see the word “feminist”, they automatically think of an obnoxious woman who is trying to twist a situation around, to make themselves out to be a victim. That is whatRead More

The best Quora answers are for the best of the individual

The highest rated Quora answers that talk about relationship problems and how to fix them, aren’t meant to help everyone in their individual situations. Those answers are in fact telling you that ‘you are supposed to be a certain way’, before you can fix yourRead More

The Voyage Home

The Voyage Home

When I started Leemanism, it was motivated by my failed relationship with Cindy in March 2006. Since then, a lot has happened. As some of you know, I used to blog daily, sometimes, multiple times a day. That dwindled when I made the mistake ofRead More

The Journey On

Yesterday, I had a dream, that in my waking moments, made an emotional impact on me, which unfortunately faded to a point I completely forgot about as the morning unfolded until this morning where this dream continued on, but through a different perspective. Yesterday, IRead More

Our New Home

Okay so I’m just testing this. Well this is going to be so strange. I hope I don’t wake up my wife. She’s sleeping in the other room. Its 4:40. Well speech to text isn’t very good. But it’s intended anyway. Like I said it’sRead More

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