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I had a dream this morning where I was going to school somewhere. The teacher was supposed to be Mr. Whittingham, except that a substitute was teaching in his place, and even though the course was Social Studies, it seemed that I was a ‘special’ student there that had the authority to set my own schedule.

That part of the dream was mainly set in a specific area that looked like the backyard of an older house. The class was on the bottom floor and was accessed via the back entrance. I remember I was somewhere thinking a bit left out that the other students were segregated from me, but I also tried to humble myself by staying away from them believing that if I stayed out of sight, they wouldn’t think I was trying to be a snob that was getting special treatment.

I geared myself up in my red, white, and black cycling overalls, and took a bit of a time putting my gloves on, which for some reason, I put a lot of emphasize on. When I put them on either hand, I would wiggle my fingers, and stretch out my hand and close it again over and over to get a feel of it, and as I did that, my mind would drift to thinking about the days and evenings where I may be riding strenuously through the passages, tunnels, and long stretches of rolling hills. Then I snapped back into the current moment where it was damp and cloudy.

It was damp and cold, but I was pumped up to train, so I did something I didn’t think I would do: run around the concrete track on foot in my cycling clothes. I looked out-of-place, but I did it anyway. Now this part of the dream surprised me. In 90% of all of my past dreams, whenever I tried to run towards a goal, a massive invisible force would try to push me back, making it super difficult for me move forward. However, in this one, there was no force that pushed me back BUT my own mental obstacles. Since I was partially aware that there was that invisible force from previous experiences, my mind expected that invisible force. The thing though, there was none, and I was able to run around the track – still with some difficulty, because my mind tried to believe that I had to brace myself for that force. Cool eh?

Afterwards, I had to go back to the classroom to get something and bumped into the substitute teacher. He was a caucasian male with brown hair, mustache, and a beard. He wore a greenish jacket, brownish dress pants, and was carrying some textbooks and a case. I helped him with the door and I asked about Mr. Whittingham. As he talked with me, I got my bike set up, and he realized I was the ‘special’ student and looked at my bike and said “Wow, that’s a nice bike.” I just smiled and he asked something like “Hard work?” but answered the question himself, “It must be.”

After gearing up, I made a round on the track with my bike, and as that happened, the sky progressively became blue and the clouds faded away. Then as I woke up, I was riding hard and fast with the greenery and scenery zooming pass me.

Thinking back on this dream, I have no idea what it means. I mean, no, let me correct that. I mean I know what it means, but I don’t know what it pertains to, because firstly, I haven’t cycled or train in cycling for two months. Second, I haven’t done anything lately that would make that dream connect with anything. The thing is though… No, no idea.


3 thoughts on “Representing

  1. I think your dream means you are ready to move into a new phase in your life. And the colour red is a warning to watch your temper and white confirms your fresh outlook on life and the black does not necessary mean an omen. The dream expert says if you felt happy in your dream that features the color black, the blackness could imply your hidden spirituality and divine qualities. The glove means you must be very careful not to hurt someone’s feelings in a situation or discussion. And a blue sky indicates peace and freedom of expression. Your bicycle represents your progress. And the teacher represents, according to the book, that you’re heading into a new path in your life and ready to learn by example or from a past experience. Consider your own personal experiences with that particular teacher. Alternatively, it may relate to issues with authority and seeking approval.

    What do you think is it a lot of rubbish?

  2. Yesterday night I dreamed some blasted male student kept sneezing into my clothes, getting snot and mucous all over me. After a couple nasty chunks, I screamed, “Stop wiping your shit all over me!!!”

  3. Spongey: reminds me of the time I was taking the KCR in Hong Kong and this mainlander suddenly sneezed on my arm and turned back without a word of apology. If he wasn’t what seemed triple my weight and hunger in his eyes, I would have demanded he jump out the window to make things right.

    Ariel: that is probably on the dot, but I think time will tell me what it is that is progressing. Can’t pinpoint what it is.

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