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I can already feel this entry will be kinda long. So before I type away I will remind myself that I have quite a few injuries from yesterday’s ride. I’ll make this short. We left Pat’s place around 10am, except shortly afterwards on Gilbert, I braked super friggin hard, and my bike flipped and landed on top me.

(About 5 hours later…)

I had some work to do, and I just came back from my Sunday meeting with The Fuzzy Chins. 8] Anyway, Pat’s coming by around 9pm to drive me to VGH for a CT Scan – in case there is an internal rip somewhere, cuz my lower right hand abdomen is killing me softly. [sigh]

Here are some low res pics of our 50km ride yesterday:

I met Pat and his place around 10:30am in central Richmond. Then we both rode up to Vancouver, to meet Francis and Uncle Dick at the Planetarium. We then chilled out at the Granville Island Brewery. I had myself a pint of Bitter Ale. Dick had a sampler, Francis had Honey Lager, and Pat as usual, had an ice-tea. After we got back to Pat’s place, we went to a Viet place for dinner, then he suggested an ultra violent movie. After Blockbuster didn’t have Running Scared, I signed up at Roger’s and got a rental for it. The movie is better than Kill Bill IMO. KB was poetic and has its moments, but in overall movie experience, I liked RS better.

Okay, too many injuries to type. Must go now. Enjoy!


Photo credit: The ultimate trippy night-out is coming to the Vancouver Planetarium

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15 years ago

Want an ultra violent/gory movie? ‘The Hostel’ looks pretty messed up. *shaking head* [sigh]

15 years ago

Did those X-rays reveal any incriminating evidence? :p

15 years ago

Yeah, but The Hostel is friggin disgusting. I despise gory movies. Action movies with blood is fine, but too much is just nasty. 8[

Ah, no x-rays unfortunately. I tell my story soon… 8E

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