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Tour De Patrick Pre-Ride


Jeebus! I AM SO TIRED and SO SORE! Woke up at 8:50am, got dropped off at Pat’s around 9:15am, got ready, etc, then headed out by 10am. We took the wrong road looking for Angus Road in Vancouver after 64th Ave. We ended up adding about 4 extra kilometers to our route. After we found Burrard Street, we went across the bridge, circled a bit and rode on Beach Ave until we reached Milestones. We ate some lunch, and continued onto Stanley Park. We rode the diameter of SP counter-clockwise, rested here and there, and took the rather difficult route back home – cuz again, we lost the road we were travelling on.

Finally crossed Arthur Liang, and took a nice long rest along Russ Baker, watching planes land, played on the springy playground airplanes, took some pics, and headed toward Gilbert road bridge to Richmond, then back to Pat’s place. I slept for a bit, ate some dinner, and he dropped me off at my place around 8:45pm. As you can see, for those who are wondering, yes, I skipped my meeting with the team cuz I was just way too tired. However, it didn’t stop them from calling me a few times. I bet Benny and Jason are still at Ray’s house.

We went up Gilbert Road bridge, going to Sea Island to start. Across the bridge to Vancouver, we sat behind the Safeway on Granville Street, resting and eating half an egg/cheese sandwich. Then we crossed and rested at the Burrard Bridge. We had lunch at Milestones near Beach Ave later on before we went around Stanley Park going counter-clockwise. We went under the Lions Gate Bridge and rested at 2nd Beach. Then we chilled at the Russ Baker stop next to the airport runway. Finally, we rode back to Pat’s place. That balcony shot was facing north – where we ‘came from’. So it’s nice to see a perspective and how far we’ve gone.

That’s it. No more sexy pictures of Patrick. Tough luck girls! Haha… 8]


3 thoughts on “Tour De Patrick Pre-Ride

  1. Hey Li.. didja gain some weight? Your face is looking fuller, more healthy 😀

  2. Yeah, I gained 5 pounds over the last two months from working out, cycling and eating more than what I’m burning off. Still can’t get my forearms to get meatier though. I think Ed and I are doomed for that sort of thing. I’m going to look deranged – big shoulders, back, biceps, thighs, and pecs, and thin forearms and shins/calves. [sigh]

  3. hey Li, i couldn’t find your email, email me to [removed] i need to ask you something, please

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