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Redragon M901K2 All-In-One Tool

After buying the Redragon M901-K-2 mouse from Amazon Prime, I realized the driver download link for M901-K-2 were broken in the two official Redragon websites: and So I spent the next three hours loosely, searching for alternatives and found an All-In-One tool from a Redragon reseller in Serbia. Which is awesome, considering every other software download available was made specifically for each mouse, which confounded me as to why they did that approach, instead of a centralized hub like Razer’s Synapses. Anyway, while searching the net, I also submitted the request for the driver app from the contact pages of both websites, sent a message to the AliExpress storefront for Redragon, sent a message to ChallengerUSA on Amazon Canada where I bought the mouse from, and only ChallengerUSA responded. While ChallengerUSA’s software did work, it was just an older version of the All-In-One tool I downloaded earlier.

Now, the only issue I found with the A-I-O tool, is that key binding to another key is very odd. You can’t just key bind a key to a mouse button, then go to the next. You have to click the Stop button before going to the next, so the system doesn’t revert the key back to the default.

Some other annoyances you must note:

  1. The combo for ALT doesn’t seem to register visually in the combo customization selection. You must press the ALT key, let go, then press another key. It will then register as: RALT + [key]. CTRL and SHIFT registers fine.
  2. Click the Apply button on the app, before you press the Okay button. Also, make a local profile save after you’ve mapped out your mouse buttons.


As an additional note, this program should work with all or most Redragon mice. I am unsure about keyboards.

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