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8.5 Hours Of Manliness


So earlier today, I went online to talk to Jonathan about something…


That as you can see was 2:38pm Pacific Standard Time.


And then finally logged out at 11:06pm! ALMOST 8.5 HOURS OF MANLY MSN CONVERSATION!!!

The bulk of the conversation was about ‘random’ things. We talked about some hongers that got married from our high school. We talked about Top Gear and their future. We talked about girls and a bit about sex and masturbation. We talked about Starcraft 2, and other games and he pondered on whether to get PS3 or not, or a new lapdog or a desktop. We talked about my family’s Hong Kong woes, and stuff. Etc, etc, etc.

The longest ever I’ve spent on the phone with someone else was about 7 hours with Cindy, 6 hours with Virginia, and 5.5 hours with Fiona. I think I’ve talked on the phone with Albert for 2 hours once and Pat for about an hour and a half. Laura doesn’t count, cuz I wasn’t talking really. [wink]

I must have typed up an entire Master’s thesis in that time. WOW!

So why does this entry belong in the Love Economics and Visions & Family categories?

Yeah, it does. It sadly does.


2 thoughts on “8.5 Hours Of Manliness

  1. Li, next time you need to kill an entire business day’s worth of time, you know who to cum to.

  2. Like I said, Bill Gates should pay us for using their chat program! Otherwise, we can show up at his office one day and jerk off at his general direction as a sort of strike.

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