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Carlo & Donna And Then Some


[“Fuzzy Kittens” by Super Massive Blackholes]

So August 26th finally came and went. There was really nothing to it, though I do embarrassingly admit that I tried avoiding the washroom because it was right next to their table. Unfortunately, due to my stupidity, I drank more than half a bottle of Yellowtail Shiraz and a few gulps of Cognac and ended up going to the washroom 3 or 4 times. [sigh] After I got home, I even thought how silly it is to even have to ‘worry’ about what others think, etc.

Emma was really nice as usual. Her dress and stuff merely complemented her.

[ponders] I’ll have to wait about a week before I get some high res pics from Jon tho. Look for the update.

Before the banquet tho, Pat and I went to the Alice Lake trails for some mountain biking. Nothing better than starting off the day with a good work out! 8] Referring to the map below, the red path is the relative original trail we were supposed to take. The green dotted path is the relative trails we took instead. Somehow, Pat and I got very lost. We ended up very very very off-course/off-trail. We ended up at the Squamish Valley Golf course!



^^ Pat and I crossing the Burrard Street bridge at around 8:40 in the morning on Saturday (26th).


^^ It’s a skill that many British Columbians are known for. That’s why we are stereotyped as the province of bad drivers.




^^ So we got to Alice Lake by around 11:20am, started around 11:30 something, and yes…


^^ You’re not wondering most likely, but these pics of Pat of his bike was because he was drenched with spider webs. It was pretty hilarious, as I was riding behind him, diagonally to the side and I noticed these 3 massive 3 to 5 metre long strands of spider silk hanging from behind Pat. I told him that it was possible spiders were spinning them on his back as he rode, cuz those strands got longer and longer and longer… 8]


^^ This was about 2/5th of our ride in. The first half of the trail was pretty cool. Lots of gradual climbs and lots of downhills. Geez, it was freakin fun. Going down hill was definitely very cool. There were a few times where we thought if we did any slight mistakes, we would fly off our bikes or something and probably kill ourselves. Going down some of them felt like 40km’s per hour or more! 8]


^^ Being the gentleman Pat was/is, he picked this daisy for me. [wink] I laid it to rest beside an abandoned flip flop. BTW, this was where we had a hunch we got lost.


^^ 9 out of 10 girls that I’ve shown pics of Pat to said he is a HOT PANCAKE. The 10th girl went missing the next day. I heard the coastal waters of B.C. can get quite cold even now… 8)


^^ Morpheus had a twin. His name is Orifice.


^^ Marvin. [cough] Melvin Wong – I met him and became friends in the summer of grade 10 (1995). He was amongst Carsen and Jon that I’ve met and played D&D, Mekton, and Rifts with. We met Carlo in grade 12 art class. Tom was our GM/DM. Blah, suck, er, mm.


^^ Right: Alain, Left: Darren.


^^ Right: Fong Pay, Left: Martine.


^^ Darren is ripe for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese-descendent girls! ORDER NOW and get a free pair of oven mittens for free – VALUED AT “Suck for a buck”!


^^ Melvin is indeed being fondled by a tea kettle.


^^ Dave and his girlfriend?


^^ Up-close!


^^ That’s our Carlo! 8]


^^ And then some. 8]

ps: One last thing, I would like to welcome Spanky (Benny) to the Horde. We all know him from down-under the table giving head… [wink]


2 thoughts on “Carlo & Donna And Then Some

  1. cognac? liar! you were only pretending to drink cognac….we all know it was only chinese tea!

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