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Near Future


Hey everyone…

I’ll be switching back to the regular entries after this one. The recent entries that belong in the Love Economics section have been a bit overwhelming even for me. It’s gross to have them come one after the other like that. Seriously.

Anyway, point of this entry. I’m moving hosts soon. There will be a period in which my site will be offline. Do not worry! It will be back soon enough, hopefully.

On another note, my site has hit 1227 unique hits and 7099 repeated visits since December 5th, 2006. 58% of that traffic however are bots crawling through my site. So that makes it 588 unique hits from humans and 3407 repeated visits from humans – bare facts aside from the details anyway. I did random searches based on the stats that come back to me and found that I list on many first page searches on MSN, Google, and Yahoo. Not bad I have to admit. 8]

[blanks out for a bit]

Sometimes, I have an urge to stop all of this altogether. Sometimes, at the back of my mind, I wish to run away from everything. Sometimes, I wish I can start anew and leave everyone and everything behind. Then sometimes, I feel that I really miss walking around in the rain, even though I really hate the rain – at least nowadays, I hate the rain.


When Jon came over that night to give me something before he left to go back to Ottawa, I saw some new pictures my mom put up of my young cousins. It was during the heavy snow fall in November. I saw the snow angels they made, the lopsided snowman, and the youthful happiness they expressed. For a moment there, I thought that I missed out when the snow fell.

Ah well…


3 thoughts on “Near Future

  1. Well, if you wanna run-away, let me know and we’ll go to NeverNeverLand together. I’ll introduce you to Peter Chan. Oh, they have good Sushi there!

  2. Is Peter Chan the Chinese Peter Pan? hehe

    Sometimes the rain isn’t so bad, esp if your mood reflects it :p

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