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So as I was trying to find a host that has at least 16 meg cache memory, allows adult content and profanity, has PHP 4+, MySQL, at least 10 gigs of Bandwidth per month, and about 100 megs of space, I realized that only RT’s servers allow all these things. I tried with GoDaddy, but their customer service agents won’t tell me whether they have more than 8 megs cache memory or not, due to some policy of theirs. So I tried with Netfirms, the company that I registered the domain names with, and they don’t allow adult content on their servers. [sigh] It’s not like I’m creating a porn site.

The thing about the cache memory being a hush hush thingy mind boggles me. Considering there is no way a customer can change its settings, the company should just tell us. Let’s just say GoDaddy and Netfirms won’t be getting my business, though mind you, I am considering transferring all of my domain names over to GoDaddy just because they have cheaper per year registrations.

Anyway, I will be taking down the “Love & Sex” section up top, and relinking those DC posts in the Forum. As for the gallery, I haven’t updated it with the latest stuff, but soon!

Chum Cha!


ps: Muffin texted me last night while I was asleep with the following, “hey leeman, u’r harsh as usual, but thank u n ur friends too” – now wasn’t that nearly lopsided debate worth it? let’s do a group hug… Nah, I suggest ORGY! Quickly! All women dress up as cats – put on those furry little ears, wrist cuffs, and fuzzy paws! Meow meow? 83

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  1. If we’re gonna dress up, can we at least get a Spongebob theme going on?!! Now THAT’S hot!!! LOL

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With that out of the way, and to make things clear, I never said I am a good person, nor am I trying to be one, though I would rather live with the empathetic than with the cruel. I would not deliberately do harm. I rather stand up against injustice than to pretend it doesn't exist. However, I understand consequences. The police is there to enforce the law, but not deter crimes from happening. Which means people must do what they must do to protect themselves, before the law of the land takes over and even then, the law of the land isn't there to protect you. It's there to protect the general consensus. Even if you may be right, society may deem you wrong - even most of your friends may side with society, than protect you. The law will almost always side with society.

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