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Come Back To Me


[“Come Back To Me” by Vanessa Hudgen]

You have no idea how much effort it took me to type this. My gosh. Yeah, the last time I was nearly drink was May 2005. The funny thing is that I am aware enough, but I acan;t type properly. Wow. Will I delete this when i see it? Maybe.

What made this more depressing is that my friends remembered my birthday. Every year – day in, day out, I never thought of celebrating it. It’s depressing because I did once in my lifetime at least one, thought I could disappear. Ed, Albert, Jenny, Laura, pat, wouldn’t let me have more, but to enter the rest of my thoughts, I need more.

[goes downstairs for glass]

I told myself that i will never have more hard liquor, but… Honestly, I feel emotionally in pain all the time. I can;t compare with many people and I feel saddened, but these are the only emotions I know and can feel.

[pours myself a shot of Warre’s Warrior Port]

It’s nice and was a total surprise that my family remembered…/ Re,e, Re,e Remembered. [chuckles] Its’ nice, it really is.

I can’t complete. Thank you…


7 thoughts on “Come Back To Me

  1. 8] Thank you… I actually got your other email at DC, but was too out of it to reply. 8]

  2. Um, Ariel, it *might* not be such a good idea to hug Li while he’s intoxicated!! He becomes bold… VERY bold :p

  3. Really? That bold eh? What did I do? [ponders very innocently] I don’t remember much, considering was like so sick when I woke up… NEVER AGAIN! [waves fist in the air]

  4. *sigh*
    I wish I could have been there. To see Li smashed off his rocker. I would have laughed so hard. ….for a couple minutes anyway, then I’d probly be too busy trying to dodge any projectile vomitting that might have occured.

  5. Spongey!!!!!! BEHAVE yourself…..But it would of been such a laugh to see him intoxicated.

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