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All The Pretty Lights


Sleep soon, agree, I do.

So what happened? Let me think… Yes, so we all gathered at Laura’s place on the 23rd. We went to some neighborhood where they held an annual Xmas lights competition. It was freezing cold and eventually started to rain. Everyone was pretty bundled except Jon. Poor fool. At least his wetness made up for it all. That doesn’t make sense to most of you… Yes?

After that, we went back to Laura’s for games and snacks. We all departed just before midnight, and blah. It was a fun night. FUN!


^^ Yeah that’s right!


^^ The gingerbread house. So cool. Some Asian girl tried to take a bite from it. 83


^^ This house was by far the coolest, with a giant snowglobe, rotating reindeer, and a dancing santa on the doorstep.


^^ Julia… So fuzzy… 83


^^ Jenny, Albert, and Jon in front of the Gingerbread House. It was tough to choose which one was better – the Gingerbread House or the Dancing Santa House… What do you think?


^^ Awww… So fuzzy… 83


^^ I remarked to Albert, “You look like Steve Lam.”


^^ Doesn’t he look grossed out… Or constipated…?


^^ Yes, yes she was…


^^ He jabbed me in the crotch multiple times!


^^ Then we made peace and laughed at our neighbors.


^^ Two cuties in the same place, together… What’s missing in this picture is some rubbing fun between the two girls.


^^ Sup?


^^ I love the expression on Laura’s face. Here fishy fishy fishy… Gloop gloop gloop.


^^ Charm. 8] BTW, that isn’t a moustache! 8/ That’s just the low quality conversion of the picture in Photoshop… 8P


^^ I noticed how Julia looks quite delicious. Quite the feminine charm eh? 8]


^^ After a very unsuccessful game of Monopoly in which I only got to own Chinatown and Laura had just lots of money but no property, we ended it and had a nice fun game of Scrabble instead. My theme for the night somehow became all about sex. I created words such as “logs”, “porn” (with the aid of Patrick), “joy”, “pinned”, and “yes”. The “thong” one is credited to Patrick however. 8]



^^ I confess, I find this one very pleasing to the senses. From then onwards, I have been trying to take pictures of Julia eating things like bananas.


^^ Laura’s looks very sneaky doesn’t she?


^^ After we all departed from Laura’s place, Pat, Jon, and I ended up back in Richmond at #9 Restaurant. We all had noodles of sorts.

BTW, don’t I look different here? Aside from looking perverted, tired, sleepy, and out of it, my face looks off doesn’t it?


^^ Pat in all his GLORIOUS MIGHT!



^^ Doesn’t that first pic of Jon look like he’s creating magic?


ps: I moved this before the “Lack Of Updates” entry

2 thoughts on “All The Pretty Lights

  1. In the first pic, Alb looks like he’s on crack. Your “off” pic looks like your nostrils are flared and chin is melted into oblivion. 8]]

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