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April’s Fools?


This is a long overdue entry/gallery of my mom’s birthday and Christina’s birthday thingies last month in April. April is an uncanny birthday month for my friends and family. Carlo’s birthday is on the 2nd. Virginia, Helen, and my mom shares April 7th. Then Fiona’s birthday is on the 13th. My younger cousin Kai Yeen and Michelle shares the same birthday on the 21st. Edmund for the 27th, and lastly, Christina for the 29th. That’s a whopping nine people!

Fortunately, there is no… Ah this reminds me of something. Be right back in a min.

[goes to the closet to look for something]

Nevermind. I just remembered that I gave $30 to my mom on Monday. Wait, no that… Let me check again. Ah I don’t know!

Okay, so here are some pictures of my mom’s birthday about a month ago. My brother and I got her a gift bag of Shiseido products and a chestnut almond cake, and my dad took us all out for Vietnamese noodles. My mom prefers simple foods that doesn’t cost a fortune and still tastes good.


^^ My mom praying to the cake…? Nah, she’s just wishing for a lot of things to happen and not happen.


^^ My brother Edmond, camera wary… He’s been getting a lot of paparazzi lately… Poor fool.


^^ The cake!


^^ My mom cutting her cake!


^^ I would have played too, but it has been more than a year since, and I wasn’t very good at it in the first place, plus I forgot the terms and such. Blah.


^^ That’s my dad way back there in the purple, and in the foreground, the Mahjong junkies play!


^^ L-R: Christina and my eldest cousin Catherine. You see Pat? You see what you missed out? She turned 19 this year. Really too bad, cuz I heard her new boyfriend is one hot halfy – according to my brother. Haha!


^^ L-R: my eldest aunt on my mom’s side, and my mom, obviously… 8]


^^ That’s my aunt in all her youthful might! Albert once, well, no, more like very occasionally remarked that if she was still single, he would have gone after her. Hey, I think she’s something like 48 years of age, but I’ve noticed that she can dress really nice and bitchy-like – very suitable to look like an older sister of Christina. YOU’RE ALL PERVERTS! [laughs] Even you Laura! Even you… [wink]


^^ She’s blowing the kitty…!


^^ B-F: my uncle (Christina’s dad), Christina, her mom, and her brother Brandon.


^^ L-R: Christina, her mom, her mom’s friend, her aunt (from the dad’s side).

As for Michelle, my thingy bounced back from the post office. So I’m going to resend it after the weekend. [sobs] I think you and your hubby might like it. If not, then you and your girlfriends or gay friends, or non-gay friends, or just friends, sisters possibly and brothers with mothers and fathers and neighbors can also like it too. Your kids on the other hand might not, or at least, I wouldn’t suggest you play it with your kids.



5 thoughts on “April’s Fools?

  1. Well, if you prefer to date someone who is around our age but is an unintelligent dolt coupled with immaturity to boot, then be my guest, OR someone who is around our age who is intelligent, but boring all the same… Nowadays, to me, as long as she’s refined in mentality, has similar interests, sexual, open to exploration of the mind and body, comprehendable, lovable, cuddly, and yaddi yadda, and of course, of legal age, then it’s all good. I don’t care much about age, if at all I’m just looking for some form of overall ‘approval’ by others.

    In short, everyone who says I shouldn’t date someone because she is X amount of years younger or X amount years older than me, can simply and sweetly, and very highly encouraged to just jump out of a moving plane at 30 thousand feet without a parachute. However, I don’t mind if they jump out with a bungee cord attached to their heads, nipples, and cocks if they prefer… 😉


  2. *Thinks about it* Yeah, you’re right… Okay what’s the plan on getting rid of her BF? Haha…………………………….. *Thinks about it some more*……. seriously, email me.

  3. Geez, yeah I was thinking this morning about what Wise Ol’ Pat taught me not too long ago… “If there’s grass on the field, PLAY BALL!”

    It’s a good saying. 8]


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