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Molesting My Innocence


Tune: “Day Light in New Orleans” by Jesper Kyd
Mood: Itchy Eyeball?
Drink: Ice water

Jon, Martine and I went to Tokyo Ichiban by 9pm, and finally came Albert, Jenny, and Jenny. We all sat down and noticed how smooth Jenny #2’s hand was – almost as smooth as Albert’s hands. Albert has extraordinarily smooth hands.


^^ L-R: Martine & Jon.


^^ Look at all that hair! WOOWEE!


^^ Another perspective of his leggy forest. Can you see some natural wildlife in there?


^^ Looks a bit like Doraemon eh?


^^ The man with a perverted face.


^^ At Rose Cafe, I ordered Lavender Tea, but Jenny #1 didn’t hear me and asked, “Li, what did you order?” and I replied, “Your mom!” followed by excessive laughter from Jonathan. It was great. Pouty lips. PERFECT! 83


^^ Jenny #1 and Jenny #2 were both looking through their respective Chinese gossip fashion mags, and Jenny #1 happened on this section. Wow, she asked, “Li, which…” and immediately I pointed at the girl in this picture and said, “This one.”

Jenny #1 goes, “I KNEW IT! I knew you were going to pick this girl.” Then both of us proceeded to analyse why I picked it.


^^ Jonathan, seen here prays to the big pie in the sky…


^^ …then realizes I was right there, in front of him. His prayers were duly answered. He, Leemanism – it’s always around when you most likely expect it.

So there end our sexual escapade. Oh wait. One last thing. There was this girl and guy who came in a bit later at Rose Cafe. She was alright – long black hair, clean, dressed nicely, and damn delicious!!!! HER SHOES!!! Wow. She was wearing something like 3 to 4 inch fuck-me-plenty-now heels, and with her beautifully shaped feet, classy, femininely painted toe nails in this shiny silver-purplish colour, she just looked extra extra yummy. [laughs] She looked fabulous. She’s one of those types of girls that I just take to a congee house…


In some ways, I’m glad my parents don’t read my blog. [laughs] “Oh no! Our son is a pervert!”

Hey mom, only as perverted as dad, and I don’t even want to think about that. [sighs]


2 thoughts on “Molesting My Innocence

  1. hahaha….that was so great…”YOUR MOM”

    its about time someone cleaned out your wallet….soooo much junk. Too much junk in the trunk. I’m going to make it my personal mission to clean out your wallet each time I visit. I’m your wallet’s Adaware.

    p.s. hairy legs = 18″ cock

  2. 18 inches eh? We’ll have to measure that next time we see each other for solid confirmation. You know my meaning? 8D

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