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The Fisherman’s Challenge


Everyone knows that ‘unfortunately’ I am a fishing maniac. When I wasn’t fishing, I had other fishermen (generic word that also incorporate fisher-women) ‘fish’ for/with me. For as long as I remember, as young as I could, fishing was a favorite pass-time that I couldn’t seem to ever change. Though there had been about half a year in the long past (meaning about 11 years ago) that I didn’t fish due to reasons I rather not talk about again.

So what is The Fisherman’s Challenge? The TFC is what Ms. Spongey has challenged me to do. This is the criteria:

– cannot fish for one month
– I am allowed to fish as much as I want for one day every 30 days
– however others are allowed to fish for/with me any time in the 30 days

– in return, she has to meet a fishing quota of at least twice a week

I think that’s pretty fair……. She suggested once every two weeks but I think once every month would be a real challenge. It WILL drive me friggin crazy. Alas, starting Monday at 12:01am, the challenge will start. Of course, if Spongey breaks her “at least twice a week”, then I believe I am able to break it once for every week she doesn’t meet the quota.

Seriously, I don’t know how I am going to survive by not fishing. It is mainly a medical condition that I must fish. However, I do notice that when I fish so often, I can only ‘catch’ smelt, but if I don’t fish for a long time, I will be able to ‘catch’ sockeye or salmon, or maybe even sturgeon! I think if I don’t fish for a month, I may even be able to ‘capture’ a massive blue whale or a lochness monster!

That means NO fish for 30 days at a time! HOLY CRAP!

To celebrate this entry…


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15 years ago

BTW Spongey, you mentioned I took out two entries… Which two entries are you referring to?

15 years ago

The entry where you had to input a password. I never figured out what it was… what is it?

15 years ago

The password is at the end of the Chum Cha in the “Who’s Li?” section. Mind you, there is a reason why I PW protected it. So brace yourself for some stuff that resembles a mildly evil version of myself… 8/

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