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Most designers you might meet will have some of the most high-end creative stuff known to humankind – 8+ megapixel digital cameras, cell phones capable of making 2+ MP video, play mp3 and wma files, mainly Apple computers capable of rendering industry standard 3D and effects, tabs, laser stuff, photo printers, film scanners, etc, etc, etc. However, I would be one of the rare (I’m guessing here, based on experience) designers you might meet who has a camera only capable of 300 kilopixels (T610), a PC with a gig of ram, 3ghz CPU, and a whopping 80 gigs of HD space, and of course only 128 megs of PCI Express video. Everything else is BoB. My DVD drive isn’t even mine, and it doesn’t burn stuff properly!

What I mean is that I don’t spend thousands of dollars to create the stuff I need/want to create. I can do the same job or better with what I have. People seem to think you always need something better and more powerful. Like the other night, Amie asked me to hook her up with a new Mac laptop. Why? Cuz all her other designers use Macs, and she’ll need a Mac to display images and other media to her clients. I thought, “They’re universal files – AI, PDF, PSD, and so on – so why do you need a $3000 Mac laptop again?”

So meaningless.

I got camera crazy with my cell phone cam a couple of hours ago…







^^ Yes, that’s my Dell 17″ with what’s her face on my desktop. It’s from the anime Last Exile. That blue window is Winamp playing some techno songs from the Sports Car GT soundtrack. Note the time in the last image.


^^ I love my udder cup. Still don’t know where she got it from, and in such a short time too!




^^ Before my shower… Yeah, I’m quite slender for my height, and that clock in the background is about an hour late. I call it Leeman’s Mean Time, or LMT for short. 8]


^^ Reminds me of a ‘joke’ Ed (Wong) once said to Albert after watching The Eye (horror flick). They found out that there was a second part to the movie, and Ed joked something like, “What’s it called? The OTHER Eye!” [laughs] You might not really get it unless you were actually there. 8]


^^ My T610 appreciates its own picture too!



^^ Sheila said she likes my boyish face. Seems like more Caucasian women dig that sort of thing for Asian descendent men. Why is that? Do I look docile?



^^ The last two of my brother Edmond. Not only does he look twice my size, but he also look 50% older than I do. He’s also known to be double in cuteness too! 8]


^^ A legit Pooh bear!


^^ Wind-up Robot. He’s the little guardian that watches over me while I sleep or have sex… What a pervert… 83


^^ That’s the thing what squeeks!


^^ Yes… Only Albert and June would know why the McLaren’s right door broke off.


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Leemanism is about my views, my thoughts, and my feelings with as little filtering as possible. These concepts are not reflected in the people I value and are associated with. People who accept me, adhere to the parts where we are compatible and tolerate the parts where we are not. So however people perceive me to be, ultimately it obviously doesn't mean the friends I mention in this blog are the same as me. It means it's possible they are similar or the same, as well as different than me. It is highly unusual for people to be completely compatible with each other.

With that out of the way, and to make things clear, I never said I am a good person, nor am I trying to be one, though I would rather live with the empathetic than with the cruel. I would not deliberately do harm. I rather stand up against injustice than to pretend it doesn't exist. However, I understand consequences. The police is there to enforce the law, but not deter crimes from happening. Which means people must do what they must do to protect themselves, before the law of the land takes over and even then, the law of the land isn't there to protect you. It's there to protect the general consensus. Even if you may be right, society may deem you wrong - even most of your friends may side with society, than protect you. The law will almost always side with society.

We are few. Stay safe. (•̀ᵥᵥ•́)