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Bold Buns And Then Some


[“Evolution” by Sasha and John Digweed]

Finally home from my two hour meeting with the team. More stuff to do! Yay!

So my friends organized a surprised hot pot night for me last night. Hot pot was yummy. Laura was my mom for most of the night and I vaguely remember shoving a tissue paper in between Jenny’s boobs. I would have done the same for Albert’s crack if it was showing.


^^ BL-FR: Ed, Albert, Jenny, Laura, Patrick, Steve, and Emma.


^^ Exact same pose, but me replacing Steve.

Unfortunately, I had way too much to drink and the last time I drank that much was back in May 2005. So I woke up this afternoon feeling nasty and weak. Went downstairs and drank two cups of Sun Tropics Pineapple & Guava juice, and well, vomitted all that out, and the rest I can just leave out.

I also vaguely remember talking with Laura after we went home. Wow, no wonder I was so tired. Then again, I think she would be even more tired considering she had to wake up early for stuff.


^^ After Pat, Albert, and Jenny went to get stuff for hot pot, they came over to get me. This was at Pat’s with all the stuff layed out. Awesome stuff! 8]



^^ The puzzle was finally completed by Pat last week.


^^ There she is!


^^ Pat in an interview with Laura


^^ Jenny as Tara Misu


^^ If canned spinach is to Popeye, Bodington’s is to Ed.


^^ Albert looked like he was enjoying himself a lot eh? Like spewing his goo under the table! 8]


^^ They’re about the same height… What do you think?


^^ Jon In Spirit on Laura’s lap. He was actually behind her, but at such quick notice, I didn’t have time to cut out a schlong for him.


^^ Scared?


^^ Pat’s dad


^^ Steve and Emma


^^ Ed in all his glory!


^^ Don’t they look sneaky?


^^ A couple of Air Canada eunuchs, one knighting the other…


^^ Posing as Patrick Bateman just without all the muscles and without the prostitutes!


^^ Laura gave me a “Men With Buns” calendar and a Kitten Chia Pet! Ever since I saw a Chia Pet in the 1980’s, I’ve always been fascinated and wanted one. So Laura helped me realized a part of my dream!

Anyway, I was totally surprised about this until about a week ago. Last time I had more than one or two friends celebrate my bday was back in 1989 or 1990. Thanks everyone! 8]

Well, I’m 28 today. January 14th, 2007. Hmm… And to Michelle, just one day more from your gran’s. 8]

Yup… I’m going to grow the Chia Pet Kitten later this week after I’m done my client’s project. I can’t wait!


11 thoughts on “Bold Buns And Then Some

  1. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia~

    They things are so weird. But in a cool way.

    Happy B-Day dude~ Best wishes and all that good junk.
    *sucks with happy feely things*

  2. my spirit thanks you for the good time Li….but it doesn’t appreciate what you did to it after the party =S

  3. Next time I come to your place, I wanna see the “Mens with Buns” calendar on the wall being used!!!!

  4. Thanks Terry… 8]

    As for not appreciative of what I did to your spirit afterwards, you should! I took really good care of it for you! In fact, he’s sitting on my desk right now with that dazed happy look, staring back at me sexually. 8]

    Also, I WAS pondering whether to put it in my bro’s room or not, but then I thought Laura would be more appreciative if I hung it on mine instead. NO PUN INTENDED YOU PERVERT! 8]

  5. A very late happy birthday to you! All the best for you, for the year ahead.

  6. Oh, Li! Happy birthday! Love the Men with Buns calendar. lol! Seems as though you guys had lots of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Next time you drink that much, make sure to have plenty of potatoes on hand for the next morning! OreIda hash brown patties are always the best after a night of drinking, in my opinion. Mmm. Apparently the po-tots absorb any alcohol left if your system – and they don’t upset your tum! I believe it.

  7. Thank you Stina… 8]

    Wow, hash browns! I never would have thought about that for “the morning after getting drunk”. Mmmm…. I could go for some hash browns now! 8]

  8. Hi Li,have you recovered from your well deserved indulgence?….What I would give for a hash brown right now(sigh)!!!!

  9. I have recovered finally… 8] Actually I’ve been craving hash browns since Stina mentioned it… Been eating mini-whole taro in that last day tho… NOT THE SAME! 8D

  10. Mmmmmmm let’s all go out for some hash browns!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Not the kind that falls apart, but the kind that McDonalds makes MMMMMMMMMMm or Mcains ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ hash brown party!!! (don’t bring hash though :p)

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