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A View I Haven’t Seen


“Damn it Jim! I’m a miracle worker! Not a doctor!” Were the words of Jon during one of our nightly role playing games back in the days. [laughs]

Tune: “Pulse” by Yoko Kanno
Drink: Fonseca Bin 27 Port

I’ll have to go and get some more this Friday. I’ll probably get two or three bottles this time around. I might try something new.

I was just thinking, have any of you desired to go out on a bang? No, not sexually fool! Meaning, well you know what I mean.

I just rewatched Macross Plus 1-4, and replayed the sequence between Isamu and Guld making up, and Guld sacrificing his life to save Isamu and Myung.

Tune: “Voices” by Yoko Kanno

[thinks for awhile]

There was a night about 10 or 9 years ago. I think it was Roger’s birthday. A whole bunch of us ran through Burnaby Central Park. It was Mike Su, Jon, Carlo, me, Roger, Tom, Jacek, and a whole bunch of others. The night was completely clear. We were in the middle of that dark unlit park, and amongst the pine trees and some laughter and chatter in the background, I remember looking up at the sky full of stars and a moment later, I saw a shooting star. I thought it was quite magical.

So as some of you know, I’ll be going to Hong Kong again this year from December 14th to 30th. Only for two weeks. Unlike all the previous times, I will be staying at the Shatin Royal Park hotel, with limo service from the airport to the hotel. Finally, some good sleep and without the damn noise and mosquitoes at the village residence!

The hotel is right above the Shatin mall and City Hall, MTR, and roughly 20 minute walk from my grandma’s place, or roughly 10 minutes mini-bus to the Wong Nau Tau Village. Unfortunately, Pat can’t make it this Winter, so I’ll just be hanging with my big bro, my parents, my aunt, Brandon, and Christina. It sucks, cuz I was looking forward to some hiking and exploring with Pat. He’s a really easy going type of guy with if we ever get lost, he’s the type to never panic and just go with the flow. Good attitude. ^_^

My brother wants me to go to the clubs and bars with him. YEAH! That’s right. No. I HATE those places. Loud, noisy, smokey, and the crowd isn’t my type. Sure, the… Never mind.

Beer is really cheap though.

We’re going to Macau again I think. Possibly not, I’m not sure the details because I think my aunt couldn’t reserve rooms for us there. Oh well. My big bro wants to bring me to the China side for some special service massages. I don’t know, I mean, some of them are really pretty, but they’ve been around, if you know what I mean. I guess if they put me in a trance or something… Or get me really drunk…

Nah, too expensive. Those type of girls are after two things: 1) money, and 2) gifts which is basically money. If sex make them cum hard, great, a bonus.



I just want to hang out with people around my age, or around my interests. Just chill out and have a good time with some nice views. I’m the type of person who spends money for the ambience and the company. Food is secondary. Drinks are good. Mind you, if the food and service quality is butt-nasty, obviously, I wouldn’t go back.

Always a prologue to the real story eh? Hahaha…

By the way Spongey, I had a dream about your cousin Margaret the other night. I’ll tell you all about it when we next meet in person.


2 thoughts on “A View I Haven’t Seen

  1. ooh, i look forward to hearing it. i gots me a car now, so all i need now is directions to your place… 😀

  2. Well I’m sure you’re a lot better with direction than Pat. ^_-

    We should do a bigger challenge. Try driving to Ben’s place. OMG! The highway!

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