Thoughtful Nutmeg

Green Eggs & Doll Noodles

…with mostly cooked brocoli.

It’s good.



My gosh, between 5pm yesterday to roughly 6:15am today, I’ve had about an hour break. That’s including dinner, snacks, dicking around, and multitasking an entry that I de-published a few minutes ago.

I know it’s nothing compared to the amount of work my other team mates do, but I like to know that I can still work under pressure, with barely any sleep, and hungry.

If you could tell someone anything, what would it be?

That is such a broad question. However, to answer it nevertheless, I would have to say I need a drink. I mean, I need a drink right now, cuz this stuff is really salty and I’m dehydrated. Hold on…

Mmm, blueberry juice…

…ah spilled blueberry juice down the front of my shirt.

“If I could tell someone anything, what would it be?” Hmmm……. I can think of a lot of stuff to say to a lot of people.

June: Thank you.

Jon: You should take over the world sooner than later. Please bang my wife.

You know? It’s difficult. However, I shall email you a reply on what I would really say and to whom. However the ones here are quite accurate as well. A few more…

Pat: I remember our childhood together. It was fun. Though we had our oddities here and there throughout the last 20 years and about 2 months, it’s cool that by ‘accident’ through your dad, that we met up again. Remember that thing I said about the back of my left nut? I can still remember it cracked you up for more than an hour that night. Just thinking back on that makes me laugh.

However, you know, I think if I had to choose one person ever, so far that I know of, to say something to, to say anything to, I would probably choose… Hmmm…

You know, this makes me think of this thing I’ve been thinking about for a long time. It’s about choosing to never move my company to Pacific Plaza and just sticking with what we had, thus failure was minimal, but never would I have the chance to meet Virginia, June, Jessica, and a whole slew of other people like James, Cygnie, Andy, and even Albert again. If I had chosen to stick with my original company, where would I be today? What type of person would I have become? How many things would I have missed out?

Passing fancies, mind you.

It’s a simple question with a difficult idea. Can’t think with no sleep.


2 thoughts on “Green Eggs & Doll Noodles

  1. “Jon: You should take over the world sooner than later. Please bang my wife.”

    My response: “I’ll do the best I can. And no, bang your own wife =P “

  2. I don’t mind if you bang my wife. I’m sure, my wife would love to have you bang her too. In fact, I’ll make an effort to ‘travel overseas for a business trip’, but leave a gift-wrapped present for her – some gorgeous satin lingerie, massage oil, a huge teddy bear with a massive strapped-on dildo… It might not be enough for her you know? Then I’ll call you up while on my flight to ask you to drop by my place and help retrieve some files for me through email.

    Yes, that should work.

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